Vaccines, Levialdi Ghiron (Tor Vergata): “It is important to protect fragile patients”

The rector: “They often have higher than average vulnerability”

“It is very important to be able to vaccinate fragile patients not only because they represent a part of the population that needs to be taken care of, but also, and above all, because when they undertake a hospital journey, often multidisciplinary, they present characteristics of vulnerability that are certainly higher than average. So we take care of them and make sure that they are able to face their already complicated journey in the safest way possible.” Thus Nathan Levialdi Ghiron, rector of the Tor Vergata University, on the sidelines of the conference on the hospital vaccination center (CVO) for fragile and immunocompromised subjects, organized today at the Roman Polyclinic by the Infectious Diseases Uoc to present the work done since the activation, last May, until today from the CVO giving the floor to all the specialists and pathology areas involved in the vaccination project in the hospital.

“Our objective – continues Lecialdi Ghiron – is to create a lot of culture on this aspect of prevention through vaccination. Therefore, it is our intention to carry out a series of initiatives both within our university and within the community in general, to ensure that this type of culture becomes increasingly widespread within our society”, he concludes the rector.