Vaia: “Yes to third dose, no to vaccine and cappuccino”

“That is, without doing anything else because we get vaccinated a lot”

“We need to do the third dose of Covid vaccine, because we need to protect ourselves another shortly after the first 5 months from the second dose, but I don’t want to get to ‘vaccine and cappuccino’, so let’s have a fourth, a fifth, a seventh dose at breakfast, without improving transport, school, that is, without doing anything else because we get vaccinated so much. “He said so Francesco Vaia, director of the Spallanzani Institute for Infectious Diseases in Rome, guest of the debate dedicated to Covid 19, from the stage of Atreju, the demonstration of the Brothers of Italy, underway in Rome.

According to Vaia, “politics must find the solution, assuming its responsibilities and encouraging pharmaceutical companies to update the vaccine as soon as possible, to do so only once a year. This is the way”.

“I don’t deal with politics – Vaia then underlined -, and I don’t want to go into these details, but I say that if today’s data does not worry me, if the Rt index tells us that by Christmas we will be even lower, if it is true that the vaccine works, and we have to take the third dose, from my technical point of view there are no conditions to prolong the emergency“.

“Even today, like yesterday, the watchword must be ‘do not be afraid'”. Vaia then recalled the day at the end of January when the Chinese couple arrived at Spallanzani, the first known cases of Covid-19 in Italy.

Are children Covid diffusers? “I refrain from judging who said this nonsense. At the Bambino Gesù pediatric hospital in Rome, last night, zero children in intensive care”, he continued, adding: “I am a civil servant so I will welcome those who want to vaccinate children, and for the fragile ones I say that it is better to do it in an overprotected structure like Spallanzani, but I say no to vaxism and no to anti vaxism“.

“My impression – he underlined – is that in some parts vaccination is wanted to be ideologized to the point of fanaticism, because if we want to think of population groups that can be reservoirs for the spread of the virus, I certainly do not think of children, but of the 5 -7 million Italians between 50 and 60 who do not want to get vaccinated “.