Vale Roth: know in detail the surgeries that the influencer has had

The dancer and influencer ok roth She is one of the most followed women on social networks and everything she does or says has repercussions since she accumulates more than 800,000 followers on Instagram alone. These days, the brunette captures the attention because she announced that she is pregnant.

ok roth She teaches her fans on the net the day-to-day of her baby’s growth and also issues related to her daily life. Without going any further, this week she was assaulted at the door of the building where she lives in Santiago and she did not have a good time because of how strong the situation was.

“This was outside the gate of my apartment. There was a minute left for the Uber to arrive and nothing, I was listening to music, with the phone in my hand, and they passed behind, and they took the phone from me, I exerted a little force , but they were carrying a gun,” said ok roth for his fans.

Ok Roth. Source: Terra archive

The truth is ok roth He has also been honest with his followers and a few days ago he confessed in a live that he regrets having undergone several surgeries. When she was 19 years old, the influencer got her lips done and she recalled: “I have sausage lips, I screwed up putting on a mouth but that’s it… Girls, please don’t put on lips!”

Vale Roth and his forward. Source: instagram @valeroth28

in the same conversation ok roth He assured that his lips do not like them but rather bother him and he also confessed that he made lolas. “I had surgery on my mouth and on my breasts… yes, I would remove the breasts, it would look like a board, because they bother me when exercising,” she closed with complete confidence.