Vale Roth recalled the difficult moment when he lost his baby

Valentina Roth is a 32-year-old dancer who became known for having participated in several reality shows when she was younger and now she is known for being one of the most beautiful women in our country. Far from the scandals that brought her to fame, she leads a quiet life and in recent weeks she has been happy after her wedding. In addition, she is expecting her first child, so she does not stop showing off her pregnant belly. However, she remembered one of the difficult moments that she had to go through, which was when she lost her first pregnancy.

The race of valentina roth It began when she was just a young dancer on the “Rojo” program, but she became known by participating in “Yingo” and it was there that she became more popular as she became known for her love and personal scandals. In 2010 she joined the cast of ‘Calle 7’, a survival show where, although she did not win, she was one of the finalists. But, there was an episode where she decided to take refuge in the fitness world and in the sport that she was when she was involved in a family scandal.

Vale Roth, a noted dancer. Source Instagram @valeroth28

On his Instagram account, ok roth She has more than 800,000 followers and there she shows another facet of her life, because she is seen showing off her curves, the product of her strict training routines, as well as her talent for dancing. But what surprises fans the most is that she does it while she is seven months pregnant.

Vale Roth showing off her figure. Source Instagram @valeroth28

However, prior to the current pregnancy, ok roth He lost a son a few years ago and it was through a post where he remembered his son who unfortunately passed away. When she was about to announce it on her social networks, the doctors told her that she had a missed abortion, so the fetus would have been dead for a few days.

Vale Roth remembered when she lost her first pregnancy. Source Instagram @valeroth28

At the time, ok roth confessed: “They told me I had to wait a few weeks to expel the dead fetus from my body.” In one of the dancer’s posts, she said: “I loved you from the day one that I knew I had you inside me.” Despite her suffering, the dancer is currently enjoying her pregnancy of more than seven months with her husband, Miguel de la Fuente.