Vale Roth revealed how she lives the pregnancy, after years of overcoming anorexia

The former dancer of Calle 7, Valentine Roth, recently shared a candid and powerful reflection on her insecurities regarding her body during her pregnancy. Through her stories on Instagram, Roth shared some photos of her pregnancy belly, and although she assured that the edited photos would be published on her profile soon, she wanted to be honest with her followers and talk about her past eating problems and the fear of relapse. on them during your pregnancy.

Okay Roth pregnant. Source: Twitter @showmundialshow.

Roth admitted that before his pregnancy, used to be obsessed with her weight and was always worried about having a slim and ripped figure. However, during her pregnancy, she has learned to accept and love her body as she is, since her main concern is that her baby is born healthy and well. Although she still feels a certain insecurity when looking in the mirror, Roth She has tried not to focus too much on her physical appearance and instead focuses on her mental and physical health during the pregnancy.

Vale Roth’s post at his wedding

Vale Roth at his wedding. Source: Instagram @valeroth28

These were the words he shared in his instagram: “The most important day of my life?? Happier impossible! Thanks to each one of those who went to this civil marriage (next year it goes with everything haha) These precious photos were taken by @morales_nicole29 ?? a crack!! My precious jumpsuit was made for me by @ignacianovias And all the flower arrangement you saw in my stories and the bow that I know! @floreriasuecia took care of it Thank you for all the messages of love and affection that you sent me, I know that many were very aware of all my stories and some more nervous than me hahaha but officially now we are mr and mrs de la Fuente roth”

It is important to note that Roth she has experienced eating problems for 15 years of her life, which has been a constant struggle for her and her family. She herself has admitted that she does not want to fall back into those eating problems and has expressed her fear of regressing during her pregnancy. Battling eating disorders is a complex and dangerous disease that affects many people, and Roth has shown courage by speaking openly about her own experiences and her fear of relapse.

Undoubtedly, the reflection of ok roth about her body during pregnancy is a powerful testimonial about her struggle with eating problems and the fear of relapse during such an important time in her life.