Valentina Ferragni also had them: the accessory that is making a comeback

Valentina Ferragni also had them: the accessory that is making a comeback; the detail that no one gives up this summer.

Fashion always comes back. How many garments or accessories that we used in the past and thought to put aside are suddenly back in trend? The answer is endless!

Valentina Ferragni (Instagram Credits)

And, thanks to Instagram, we can discover all the news on the latest trends through the models and influencers, who show off their looks day after day. Looks in which, this summer, can not miss a very special accessory, that today’s adolescents ‘inherit’ from those of the 90s. This is something that was really in vogue in the 90s – 2000s… what are we talking about? Small clue: it is a touch of light for the hair!

An accessory loved by the stars: they were also chosen by Valentina Ferragni and Paola Turani

It is now social media that dictate the latest trends in looks and beauty. And, in the hot summer of 2022, there is an accessory that has literally made the stars go crazy. On Instagram, but also on Tik Tok, many well-known faces have shown them off, including Valentina Ferragni, who embellished her look at Paris Fashion Week with this detail. What are we talking about?

Of the hair gemsi hair diamonds that light up your hair! These are small gems, similar to piercings, which are applied to the strands with a special machine. A machine that has appeared in the social videos of many stars, who have also shared short tutorials to wear the hair gems. An accessory that has become a real must for summer 2022… And for all types of hairstyles!

The gems, in fact, can embellish a long and wavy hair, as in the case of Valentina Ferragni and Paola Turani, but also a tail or a bun. Jewelery suitable for any type of look and occasion: they are perfect for an aperitif by the sea, but they also give a touch of elegance to your evening outfits. But how are the gems applied to the hair?

The procedure is really very simple: the machine, which is called gems hair stamper, works just like a stapler. Just press on the lock where we want to apply the rhinestone and that’s it. But who relaunched this fashion in 2022? It all started on Tik Tok, through some of the most famous influencers and tiktokers of the moment, Sophie Murray and Kristye Elizabeth, who shared images on how to use gems with their followers. From there, the beginning of a new super glamorous trend!

valentina ferragni accessory
Paola Turani (Credits Instagram)

We just have to continue browsing the social networks to discover the latest trends of this season: there is still a month to go until the end of the summer and, we are sure, that suggestions for your mid-August looks will come from the profiles of the stars.