Valentina Ferragni and Luca Vezil, their love nest is a dream: an incredible jewel, to fall in love with!

Have you ever seen the house of Valentina Ferragni and Luca Vezil? It is truly a dream, its “details” are crazy: to be left open-mouthed.

We usually see and like them on their respective social channels, but have you ever seen them the House of Valentina Ferragni and Luca Vezil? MTV Cribs cameras came in several months ago. And they showed all its details. We assure you: it is truly phenomenal!

Have you ever seen the house of Valentina Ferragni and Luca Vezil? Credits: Instagram

If Francesco Facchinetti’s house is a show and Antonio Cassano’s is crazy, this one of Valentina Ferragni and Luca Vezil is truly extraordinary. Inside, in fact, it is possible to find everything. Starting with an immense entrance and a gym, the love nest of the two very young influencers reflects their personalities to a great extent. Are you ready to see it too? You will love it!

Have you ever seen the house of Valentina Ferragni and Luca Vezil? What a show!

Are you ready for a mini tour in the home of Valentina Ferragni and Luca Vezil? Very well!

Entrance: modern and very bright style. It is the first room they have furnished in the whole house. And in addition to having a “collection” of slippers, because Valentina wants them – first to enter – to take off their shoes and wear something comfortable, you can’t help but notice an immense mirror, because before going out you always have to give yourself a ‘last “controllatina”, which also acts as a blackboard.

house entrance
Credits. Instagram

Immediately after entering, you pass to the living room. Most likely, the best known room in their entire house. This too has a modern style and decor and decidedly light colors. From a large light gray sofa to soft colored doors and walls and a light wood cabinet, the living room features several porcelain items, including a small dog figure, and several candles.

living room photo
Credits: Instagram

It might seem like a “simple” walk-in closet, but it’s not at all. In addition to drawers in which Luca has his sunglasses, bandanas, flat caps and hats all sorted strictly by color, the room has a huge wardrobe divided into departments, in which a drawer containing all his socks cannot be missing. Do you think it ended here? You are very wrong. In this same room, the young Vezil possesses his sports memorabilia: from a basketball signed by Michael Jordan to the jerseys of his sporting idols and Lewis Hamilton’s autograph. Finally, to conclude the “clothing” department, can a shoe collection ever be missing? Absolutely not! There are all kinds of them and each of them is crazy!

walk-in closet
Credits: Instagram

Passing through the bedroom, one cannot help but notice how spectacular this room is too. Also decidedly clear, it has a large bed on which two pillows with their initials are placed, a print at the head of the bed that contains a bit of their first meeting and several photographs of their most beautiful moments. Finally, on Luca’s bedside table there are some objects relating to his passion.

ferragni bedroom
Credits: Instagram

After showing her bathroom, because Valentina has all her own, and the kitchen which features a collection of knives and a fridge completely with “zero” food, Luca shows the dining room. This too, as well as all the other remaining part of the house, is full of photographs of families and crazy “goodies”.

valentina dining room
Credits: Instagram

Could you ever miss a gym? Absolutely not. Called his “cave”, Luca can train directly from home.

luca gym
Credits: Instagram

What do you tell us, isn’t it crazy?