Valentina Ferragni, that detail of her clothing does not go unnoticed: mind-boggling price

Autumn has arrived, but Valentina Ferragni does not give up on glamorous clothing even on the dullest days.

Now very launched in the world of fashion entrepreneurship, Valentina Ferragni has managed to carve out a respectable place in the web world by becoming an influencer with 4.5 million followers. As revealed by herself some time ago in an interview with The messengerthe road to success was not initially downhill at all.

Valentina Ferragni fashion style (Credits: Instagram)

As almost always happens to those who have a famous parent or brother, Valentina too has suffered harsh criticism that tended to belittle her. Some have accused her of being facilitated as Chiara Ferragni’s sister, but she has shown that she has her own identity: “Comments like ‘You go to the Dior show only because you are Chiara’s sister’. But they can invite you a first time for that. Then, if you are not capable, do not worry that the collaborations will end “.

Owner of his own line of jewelry, la Valentina Ferragni Studio, today she is also one of the most anticipated faces at the various international Fashion Weeks. Just like Chiara, who documented her super glamorous looks at the Paris fashion shows, Valentina also flew to the French capital. Just before leaving on this exciting new adventure, she showed it the autumn accessory with a stellar price he chose to face the gray autumn days.

Valentina Ferragni, a striking detail in her clothing: unbelievable price!

To always be at the ‘top’ even in spite of the weather, Chiara Ferragni’s younger sister added to her look a pair of stiletto heel boots rain proof. She paired them with a longuette denim skirt, a black boat neck sweater and a red peaked cap. She showed the result through posts and stories on Instagram and everyone’s attention was immediately captured by the pair of stone-colored leather shoes.

Valentina Ferragni clothing
Valentina Ferragni glamorous look outfit (Credits: Instagram)

In the published shots, the same influencer revealed who the brand of the boots is Jimmy Choo. Knee-high, fitted and with a sharp toe, they feature a rigid leather and metal bracelet that surrounds the ankle.

The model is the Dreece Knee Boot 95, perfectly combinable with any outfit. This undoubtedly makes them very attractive for those who do not want to give up style even when the climate is not the best. The price of such a marvel is by no means cheap – the figure on the brand’s official website turns out to be 1,495 euros. Other colors available are black and fluo pink.

Valentina Ferragni clothing
Valentina Ferragni fashion look (Credits: Instagram)

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