Valentina Ferragni, what emerges from the purse? All plastered

Valentina Ferragni is one of the most loved influencers, and she always has surprises in store for her followers, the latest one is unpublished.

See Valentina Ferragni in these conditions? Well, the well-known sister of the digital entrepreneur Clare Ferragni, has a large following of fans because it has managed to capture their attention with innovative and sophisticated style trends. Recently, at the center of gossip due to her separation from her longtime boyfriend Luke Vezil, today it returns to center stage revealing something new. Her purse hides what fans never expected to see.

Valentina Ferragni is hiding something unexpected inside her bag (Credits: @valentinaferragni)-

Valentina Ferragni, born in 1992, is one of the influencers who is gaining the most following on social media. Original, young and with gods interesting content to wear, he always knows what trend to launch. Just like her sister doesn’t miss the chance to show off her style, but the last detail that jumped out about her is so much more. After her breakup, she comes back fresher and more intriguing than ever, she doesn’t need anyone, and she proves it with a gesture.

Valentina Ferragni, background: the handbag reveals everything!

Sky blue eyes and hair with golden locks, is the trademark of Ferragni family, and Valentina is the youngest of the sisters. The major ones are the very famous and already mentioned Clear, returning from the management of the Sanremo Festival 2023, and Francesca who is a dentist by profession, so she’s not a VIP like the other two. However, the trio is complete with the presence of the half-brother Lorenzo, had from his father Marco with the new partner.

Thus, between a snap and a family reunion that makes followers always participate through Instagram live broadcasts, there is a detail jumping out of the bag of Valentina Ferragni and that does not miss the opportunity to show.

Valentina Ferragni takes a leap into the 2000s
Valentina Ferragni is hiding something unexpected inside her bag (Credits: @valentinaferragni)-

It is precisely with one of his Instagram stories from his official profile that he fishes out of the bag a Motorola V3! In the 2000s it was very popular, especially in the version fuchsia. Having this phone meant not only being fashionable, but also having the most fashionable one available, because it’s part of a limited edition! The influencer cannot fail to show it, especially in the reference he makes to the years in question. Plus, the style she’s dressed in is clearly a match for the evening.

It is a reference to the period in which you were a teenager, in which there were no WhatsApp instant messages, and you expected the top-up at the end of the month. When taking a picture was an event. In short, Valentina is nostalgic too! A bit like all of us.