Valentina Ferragni wore it on the French Riviera: her bikini will be very popular

On holiday in Saint-Tropez, Valentina Ferragni showed herself in a trendy bikini: a very special model, have you seen it?

Even on vacation, the Ferragni sisters dictate fashion including the seaside one. While Chiara is with Fedez and their little ones in Ibiza, Valentina is enchanting followers with her shots from the French Riviera. It is here, a Saint Tropezto be more precise, who decided to spend the first days of vacation, between worldliness and relaxing days on the beach.

Valentina Ferragni look to the sea (Credits: Instagram)

If a few weeks ago the little girl from Ferragni showed everyone her super trendy multicolor trikini sported during a weekend in Sorrento for a friend’s bachelorette party, now she wanted to amaze everyone with a very special two-piece. She has immortalized herself in posts and in some stories on Instagram with this ‘gem’ that, we are sure, they will all want from now on!

In these days then we are seeing her with an unusual hair look but that gives her a lot: for her glamorous evenings she has chosen a wild style for her hair. A very natural wet effect, to which she has certainly contributed the saltiness and which gives more volume to the hair. Needless to say, with this ‘intriguing’ touch, Valentina is truly a spectacle.

But let’s find out some details about her fabulous bikini that caused a sensation on social media, what do you think?

Have you seen Valentina Ferragni’s bikini? A show not to be missed

In spite of the silly criticisms received in the past on her own body, Chiara Ferragni’s younger sister often shows herself in shots that highlight all her beauty. And she doesn’t hesitate to do it even in costume: this time too, thanks to the wonderful model worn that highlights the best points, she showed off a screaming body on the beaches of the Cote d’Azur.

She too has adapted to the must of this summer 2022 that she prefers the two pieces with crossroads surrounding life further enhancing the shape. As revealed by herself in the most recent Ig stories, the cream-colored bikini is made up of a very high-cut bottom by Heliophilia and a triangle bra by Magda Butrym.

Did you notice the cut in the center and the roses on each of the two triangles? Original, seductive and romantic, in short, a real show! After all, like her sister, Valentina also has fashion in her DNA and when it comes to choosing looks she never denies herself. A chic style that is perfectly suited to the sophisticated location in which it is at the moment, do you agree?

Valentina Ferragni bikini
Valentina Ferragni two-piece swimsuit (Credits: Instagram)

Valentina wrote that she received a lot of questions about the brand of her bikini: in fact, how can you resist the temptation to buy it?