Valentina Persia, the terrible mourning: “A pain that cannot be overcome”

Valentina Persia made Verissimo move everyone. The Roman cabaret artist and comedian spoke of a very painful mourning.

Valentine Persia participated in the transmission Verissimo, guest in the living room of Silvia Toffanin. The landlady managed to get the Roman comedian to open, who recalled some rather moving passages from her life. The program airs every Saturday and Sunday on the networks Mediasetprecisely on Channel five. Former contestant of Such and Which Show he told several anecdotes related to his life.

Valentina Persia, guest at Verissimo (credits: Instagram) – Sologossip

Valentine Persiaborn in Rome on October 1, 1971, he made his debut at just 23 on the television show Do you know the last one?, where she showed off by telling her best jokes. Aided by a unique facial expression, the Persia immediately began working in show business, participating in the joke program for several years, and then also began working for the Rai.

He also took part in four films and some television dramas. In recent years you have also worked in the theater. In the last appointment of very truethe Persia he revealed many things that the public did not know, also because he has never granted many interviews in recent years. The memory of the missing comrade moved everyone, here’s what he said to Silvia Toffanin over the last weekend.

Valentina Persia and the moving memory of her missing companion

Valentine Persia told some passages of his private life and his career to Silvia Toffaninduring the TV show very truebroadcast on Channel five. The comedian born in the capital 51 years ago spoke about Except, her partner who died four years after the beginning of their love relationship. She was 42 years old and, despite the few years together, she left an indelible mark on her.

Valentine Persia
Valentina Persia (credits: Instagram) – Sologossip

“I lived a painful moment in my life, thanks to him I understood what it means to love”he said Valentine Persiawho also declared that he wanted to remember his partner with a smile on his lips: “If I keep smiling I owe it to him”. Except he had congenital myocarditis and had four heart attacks while dating them. Valentina he revealed to Toffanin to expect he would die soon.

The Roman comedian, mother of Charlotte And Lorenzomoved everyone with his words: “It cannot be overcome, it remains love forever. I hope you’re proud of me, as I believe your mom will always be of you.”referring to the mother of Silvia Toffanin, recently disappeared. After this sentence, the Venetian presenter was moved. Finally, a thought for her two children: “I am a single mother, I have wanted, desired and fought to be one”.