Valentina Roth showed her tummy and ultrasound and touched social networks

The popular dancer Valentina Roth shared with her followers on social networks her happiness in the final stretch of her pregnancy.

Currently, it is in the week 30 and your baby is already growing at a fast rate. With a post on Instagram, Roth showed off his baby bump and the latest ultrasound from his daughter, whom he affectionately called “Anto.”

“Anto grows more and more,” wrote the dancer next to the photo of her ultrasound. In addition, she confessed that she has taken her pregnancy very calmly, assuring that she has not prepared anything for the arrival of her baby. “I don’t even have the piece ready, let alone the bag to take to the clinic,” Roth revealed.

Despite being close to her due date, Valentina maintains a relaxed and positive attitude. “I have taken this ultra mega relax pregnancy,” she stated in her post. In addition, the future mother sent a message to her daughter: “the whole family is anxiously waiting for you, little Anto.”

Roth has kept her pregnancy private, and only in recent weeks has she begun to share her excitement with her followers on social media. With this publication, the dancer shows her happiness and her enthusiasm for the arrival of her first daughter.