Valentina Vignali, have you seen the new house? It is a real show!

The famous influencer Valentina Vignali shows her new home on social media, it’s a real show: here are the photos

The former Big Brother contestant has finally realized his dream. Through social media, she has shown her new home to the two million followers who follow her on Instagram. The dwelling is a real one bijoux. Congratulations Valentina!

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Have you seen Valentina Vignali’s house? It’s a dream (Source: Instagram)

The new home of Valentina Vignali

Valentina Vignali is a note basketball player, class of ’91, born in Rimini. During her career she played in the ranks of Fortitudo Pomezia, Lazio Pallacanestro and for Smit Roma Centro. In addition to cultivating a passion for sport, Vignali is also a famous one model And fashion blogger.

She also worked on television: in February 2019 she was among the protagonists of the documentary Young people and influencers directed by Alberto D’Onofrio; in April of the same year he participated in the sixteenth edition of Big Brother, being eliminated after 57 days of staying in the most spied on house in Italy. In July 2019, however, she starred in the comedy “Riccione”Directed by Giorgio Romano. He has also published an autobiographical book, entitled “Strong like us“.

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Vignali has built its success on social media, in particular on Instagram. On the popular social network, the basketball player can count on more than two million followers. A number that she makes some of her colleagues envy. Of her His photo they are always full of like and yours stories they are very popular with the public. Recently, on Instagram, she showed her new home.

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Valentina Vignali’s home is a real one bijoux. On the popular social network, the model and influencer showed the before and after. La Vignali, in fact, has completely renovated the house and now it is a real dream home.

First of all, the house is very large and spacious. It owns a huge lounge area, in which we find a very large sofa with a television, light wood paquet and white walls with tiles that recall a country effect. From the hall you then enter the kitchen, also very spacious and above all modern. Vignali has chosen the same color of the parquet and the walls for the whole house, even in the bedroom and in the bedroom.

The house also has two bathrooms, one for her and one for him, and a large room that serves as a ‘walk-in closet’. In short, a truly dream home. The fans also seem to have appreciated.

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