Valerio Scanu marries Luigi Calcara, wedding with serenade in Rome

The guests throw rice at the newlyweds while the blue balloons celebrate the wedding between Valerio Scanu and Luigi Calcara, the professor of electronic engineering at the Sapienza University of Rome who won the heart of the Sardinian singer three years ago. Surrounded by the affection of relatives and friends, the couple celebrated civil union in the Campidoglio on 7 September, a symbolic date chosen to remember the birthday of Scanu’s father, Tonino, who died in 2020 at the age of just 64 due to Covid. The ceremony was officiated by Silvia Berri, delegate of the mayor of the capital, who welcomed the star of Friends accompanied by her mother. Scanu, who wore a white suit adorned with a long white train, held her future husband’s hand throughout the ceremony. “It is always Love that decides the moment in which to reveal itself: Love is like a travel ticket that is given to us. It’s picking up your suitcase and leaving without needing to know your final destination in advance,” said Berri.


The evening before the wedding Calcara dedicated a serenade to Scanu on the notes of The emotion has no voice by Adriano Celentano, an interpretation made even more moving by a photo album of the couple leafed through with tenderness. The singer, moved, held his partner in a long hug. The love story between the two began in 2020 with a comment left by Calcara on Scanu’s social networks. After the first meeting the couple never broke up, but did not come out until Scanu’s marriage proposal last November. “I simply proposed marriage to the man I love, I never wanted to label myself in one way or another, much less did I think of exploiting a possible situation to my advantage. coming out” the singer declared.