Valle dei Segni, the Imago project begins

The program for the valorization of Valle Camonica was presented today at the City of Culture in Capo di Ponte

Was presented today, at the City of Culture in Capo di Ponte, ImagoThe Valcamonica valorization program: a system that unites the whole community in the process of transformation of the Valley’s identity from concept to brand.

The project sees the participation of various actors, united by a single common thread: the desire to give full value to the Valle dei Segni outside its territorial borders, to make the entire system of valley, as well as the news that will affect the area over the next few months and years.

“We are proud to give life to this ambitious project which has the relaunch of Valle Camonica at its centre. It is necessary to identify and create a symbol capable of giving visibility and distinctive recognition to the entire Valley. Our objective is to highlight the peculiarities of the Valle dei Segni, enhancing its cultural heritage and minimizing the environmental impact, a fundamental aspect for us Camuni“, commented Alberto Piantoni, President of the Sign Foundation.

The project is divided into different areas of intervention: a system of 2 new centersL’Ceto Experience Center and theExperience Lab of Capo di Pontewhich activate a integrated tourist circuit which binds the cultural heritage of parks with the high altitude trail network and the cycle/pedestrian path along the Oglio river, of future realization; a renewed visual identity that will enhance the symbolism of the “pitoti” to make it a characteristic visual of the Valle dei Segni; a promotion and communication program on a national scale which will see a major event as a fundamental moment: the Festival of signs, images and lost languages ​​of the Valley of Signswith the purpose of reread the historical heritage of the area with a contemporary look.

In particular, the design was dedicated great attention not only to valorisation of the territorybut also to the need to ensure that interventions to enhance the tourist facility do not impact in any way on the biodiversity of the area and the landscapeconserving the entire ecosystem unchanged. To this end, a feasibility study is in its final stages to allow us to get to the heart of operational activities with minimal impact.

At the conference they took part in Mayor of Capo di Monte, Andrea GhettiThe Mayor of Ceto, Marina LanzettiThe Mayor of Breno, Alessandro PanteghiniThe President of the Valle Camonica mountain community, Alessandro BonomelliThe President of the Province of Brescia, Emanuele MoraschiniL’Councilor for Culture, Valle Camonic Mountain Communityto

Massimo MaugeriThe President of the Segni Foundation, Alberto Piantoni.

The Valle dei Segni Foundation was born at the beginning of 2022 with the aim of promoting and disseminating the tourist and cultural heritage of the area, gradually transforming it into an integrated system.