Valleverde wins again against Birkenstock in the sole war

The footwear brand, together with Rafting Goldstar, won again in front of the German Federal Court, which once again ruled in favor of the Italian company on the German multinational group’s attempt to register the typical sole with intertwined curved lines as a trademark own

The Italian footwear brands Valleverde and Rafting Goldstar have achieved a new victory before the German Federal Court, which confirmed the decision in favor of companies from our country in a case against the multinational group Birkenstock over the latter’s attempt to register the typical sole with curved lines intertwined as a trademark, which the court however rejected. This was announced in a press release from the Silver1 group, which owns Valleverde and Rafting Goldstar.

Silver1’s note: “Legal battle that has lasted for 7 years”

The note released recalls the positive pronouncements “obtained in recent years in various courts in Italy, France, Benelux and Germany, as well as at the European Court of Justice”. “Now has arrived yet another ruling from the German Federal Court against Birkenstock’s attempt to register the design of the sole as a trademark: a legal battle that has now lasted for over seven years, and which has seen the small Italian group always see so far satisfied with their rights”, adds Silver1’s note.