Valli (Lecce environmental councilor): “Ecocompactors help citizens”

Less plastic consumed, less energy consumption

Eco-compactors “certainly give us citizens the opportunity to make a noble gesture for the environment, a concrete gesture in favor of the environment”. This was stated by the Councilor for the Environment of the Municipality of Lecce, Angela Valli, on the sidelines of the inauguration in Piazza Indipendenza of one of the five machines made available by the Coripet consortium.

“These PET bottles, being a particularly valuable plastic, are separated right from the outset from the rest of the waste and therefore from the rest of the plastic, which instead does not happen at home and thus enter a traced, selective supply chain that will not simply a recycling of plastic but the birth of new bottles”, adds Valli, pointing out that “this translates into lower consumption of plastic, raw materials and therefore lower energy consumption”.

“The quantitative data relating to the bottles that we will confer – he adds – in these eco-compactors made available by the consortium, will add up to the data of the traditional separate collection of the municipality and therefore will allow us to further implement the already significant growth that makes us proud, of the percentage of the differentiated waste collection of our municipality”.