Vandelli (Equipe 84): ‘The Battisti-Mogol couple was an Italian masterpiece’

Maurizio Vandelli traces the years of his roaring life, the years of the Italian beat of which with his group, theTeam 84, was the most legendary representative. And he does it with the book ‘Guaranteed emotions‘, which uses the happy pen of Massimo Cotto and is accompanied by two CDs: one with the interpretation of the most famous and unforgettable songs by Lucio Battisti; the other with the relative backing tracks to give everyone the opportunity to sing those hymns of nostalgia, of the happiness of a past time. Never passed.

“Two years ago – Vandelli tells the newspaper La Ragione – we were confined in the house, the masks covering our faces, the looks full of fear and sadness, the queues at the supermarkets with the terror of contracting an unknown and implacable virus. At home I was looking for to exorcise the heaviness of that desolating confinement by playing the fool with my family, just to keep us up for a while or by taking refuge in my studio to play. I rediscovered the beauty of Lucio’s music and Mogol’s lyrics. Giulio did not write songs, but film scripts. The images he was able to create gave you the feeling that you were becoming the protagonist of a story. The Battisti-Mogol couple was the Italian masterpiece of those years. So I found a bit of serenity in that sea of ​​depression that still hovers over our destinies today. There is war and the specter of maddening inflation, uncontrollable bills. A situation in which I feel I hate politicians more and more, for their earnings, for their vain chatter while people need solutions “.

It is in retracing the episodes of his life that Vandelli finds the joy of a pure emotion, almost a child. “In the book I tell dozens of anecdotes that have shaped my path as a man and musician. Mid forties. Mom is at the Secchia torrent near Formigine, where I was born and live with my parents. A cart approaches her, a man yells ‘The war is over!’. He’s my dad. My mother runs to meet him and at that moment the bells of all the villages around begin to ring. The two embrace, their feet in the water, their hearts in their throats ». Vandelli almost seems to want to paint a scenographic picture of a Pupi Avati film. Then the memory leaps for over twenty years. “Milan, two in the morning. I’m dead tired. Victor Sogliani, the bass player of Equipe 84, calls me. ‘Oh, look, Jimi Hendrix is ​​at my house'”.

“At Hendrix’s x I’m already in the car. A meeting with my legend, a sweet and helpful person, completely different from the image he represents on stage when he sets fire to the guitars”. And again: “London, I’m at the Speakeasy, one of the clubs frequented by the Beatles and the Rolling Stones. There is a private corner with a swarm of musicians, guitars, the first chords. A spontaneous jam session is born, interrupted at a certain point. punctuated by the coarse and out of tune lines of a female voice. I go into a rage, I turn to my left, there is John Lennon. I ask him who that is … I prefer not to mention the epithet. Let’s say that it is not elegant. And he: ‘it’s my wife Yoko Ono’. I haven’t talked anymore. “

On relationship with Lucio Battisti, in La Ragione he comments: “In the book I tell about our first meeting in Sanremo, I tell of when I take him to Ricordi from Mogol’s father Mariano Rapetti who makes him sign the contract as an author. I remember one of his compliments: ‘Maurì, I learned to to sing to you … but I corrected your mistakes’ “. The stories fluctuate between the legacy of memory and the decomposition of a time made of utopias that were realized, of music that has ridden the time, without ever getting lost in the banality of disposable.

“I remember when Lucio sang ‘September 29’ to me for the first time. Renzo Arbore, a long time later, will tell me that that song puts an end to the beat. what will come next. It certainly opens a door to tomorrow. ” Do you feel that you have corrected his mistakes? “I wrote it in the book, in the dedication to Lucio: I hope, singing you, I finally succeeded …”.