Vanessa Incontrada before and after: how she was when she was very young and how she has changed over the years, you will be amazed

Vanessa Incontrada before and after: how the beloved presenter was when she was very young and how she has changed over the years, you will be amazed.

Zelig’s return to the small screen was, without any doubt, one of the most desired and awaited moments by the Italian public. Archived, at least until now, the double weekly appointment with GF Vip, Mediaset has chosen to keep its viewers company with a totally unmissable show that aims at fun and laughter. And, let’s face it, with the times that run we all need light-heartedness!

How the Incontrada has changed. Credits: Instagram

At the helm of Zelig, in memory of old times, there are again them: Claudio Bisio and Vanessa Incontrada. It is, as can be clearly understood, a tested couple, who always manages to get everyone to agree.

Recently on the small screen with Striscia la Notizia together with Alessandro Siani, Vanessa Incontrada has returned to being seen on TV with a show that further underlines her skills as a perfect entertainer and presenter. What, however, we ask you now is: are you curious to know how it was Vanessa first? A few days ago, we showed you how Elodie has changed over the years, but how is the one at the Incontrada? We tracked down an old shot of her: here she was, you’ll be amazed!

How was Vanessa Incontrada before? You will be dumbfounded by her change!

To this day, its beauty still doesn’t go unnoticed, but you are curious to know what it was like Vanessa Met before? Sifting through her Instagram channel, on which she is very active and enjoys sharing photos without makeup or of her everyday life, we managed to track down a shot that dates back to many years ago. Here you are. The question we all ask ourselves is: how has the beloved Spanish presenter changed over time?

On her social profile, we managed to track down an old video, dating back to 2005, which portrays her on the Zelig stage together with Claudio Bisio and two other historic comedians. Beautiful as always, Vanessa Incontrada shows herself to her audience wearing a long black dress and natural curly hair. In short, a show! Watch it here:

vanessa met earlier
Vanessa Zelig 2005. Credits: Instagram

Definitely beautiful, don’t you think? Although years have passed since the photo, it cannot be said at all that Vanessa Incontrada has changed over time! She was splendid at the time of the shot, she is still splendid now.

What will happen after Zelig?

Zelig won’t be Vanessa Incontrada’s only television engagement! In fact, after the shock season finale, the beloved presenter is ready to take on the role of Fosca Innocenti again. The second season of the TV series, in fact, was confirmed some time ago and, just in recent months, the whole team of actors has been busy on the set for the filming of the new episodes. To date, however, we just have to know when the new episodes of Fosca Innocenti will be aired, find out what will happen between her and Cosimo and which cases the young woman will have to solve.