Vanessa Incontrada, her home is a spectacle: there is also an ‘incredible’ object

Vanessa Incontrada’s house is truly a sight and possesses an ‘incredible’ object: that’s what it is about

In addition to being a very good host and a masterful actress, Vanessa proves she also has a nice taste. His house, in fact, is truly a spectacle. The home of the Italian-Spanish actress also has an ‘incredible’ object. Do you want to know what it is?

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Vanessa Incontrada, her house is spectacular: the ‘incredible’ object (Source: Instagram)

Vanessa Incontrada’s house

Vanessa Incontrada is an actress and TV presenter much loved by the Italian public. She has Spanish origins, as her mother was born in Spain. The father, on the other hand, is a native of Garbatella, a Roman district. Vanessa grew up between Barcelona and Follonica, but in 1996 she decided to move permanently to Milan, where she started working and found success in the entertainment world.

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La Incontrada began working as a model, while she made her television debut in 1998 with the program Super. At the cinema, however, he made his debut in 2003 in the film The heart elsewhere by Pupi Avati, thanks to which she wins the award as an emerging young actress. She then reached the pinnacle of success as a presenter at the helm of “Zelig“, Television program conducted together with Claudio Bisio. She has also been the protagonist of many successful TV series, such as Another life, Don’t tell my boss, Disappearance And Like a mother.

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Have you ever seen the house of the Incontrada? It is very large and spacious and has an ‘incredible’ object. The actress and presenter, in fact, owns a faithful reproduction of the blue Vespa Special, a historic vehicle produced by Piaggio. Vanessa is likely to keep this ‘item’ as a relic in a garage or home box. The actress has never hidden that she is a dynamic woman and above all a lover of two wheels.


As for the rest of the home, the Incontrada has a large living room with comfortable furniture, a large bookcase and large windows. It also has a large kitchen in pastel tones. The house is animated by Gina, the little dog of the Italian-Spanish actress.