Vannacci book, Castelfranco Veneto bookshop: “We don’t sell it”. Submerged in posts

Requests, criticisms and supportive posts on the social profiles of the bookshop where a sign invites customers “not to ask us” for the general’s book

Among requests, criticisms and supportive posts, the social profiles of the Ubik Castelfranco bookshop are inundated with comments, which in recent days has displayed a sign inviting customers “not to ask us for Vannacci’s book”. The reference is obviously to the book ‘The world upside down’, written by General Roberto Vannacci and at the center of controversy for days for the positions expressed by the military on a series of issues. “Hi, I’m Clara and I believe in freedom. Of others: to write what they believe and to buy what they want. Mine: to write what I believe and to sell what I want”, the owner Clara Abatangelo explained on Instagram.

A choice that was shared by some users, according to whom they did “right to refuse to put this type (if you can call it that …) of “book” at home”. While another informs “all the fascists listening that the book can only be bought on Amazon and the sign is an invitation not to come in and ask for the book because it is not for sale in the bookstore, like when you look for the toilet at the tobacconist’s”. “I consider this library an excellence …. I’m sorry that you have to suffer so much ignorance and rudeness but after all what do you expect from such ignorance …. good, I’m with you”, writes another user.

However, there are many followers who they ask to boycott the bookstore, wishing it to “fail”. “The bookshop to be boycotted immediately. He behaves like the Nazis, banning books that are not convenient and they don’t even read!” reads a post. “Let’s close these sinister kiosks!”, the tone of another.

Finally, there are countless posts which, between polemical and ironic, ask if the general’s book is available. “Hello, I’m looking for Vannacci’s book “The world upside down”, do you have it? Indeed, no, they let me know from Amazon that they sent it to me, thanks anyway, bye”. while other users just write over and over again: “Do you have Vannacci’s book? Do you have Vannacci’s book? Do you have Vannacci’s book?”.