Vannacci, Crosetto: “Criticism due to misunderstanding: general is not promoted”

The Minister of Defense: “The general is a collaborator of a commander”

General Roberto Vannacci is appointed Chief of Staff of the Land Forces Command and there is a storm. The appointment of the general, at the center of controversy since the summer for the positions expressed in the book The World in Reverse, is criticized by the opposition who stigmatize the inappropriate ‘promotion’. “A misunderstanding”, says the Minister of Defense, Guido Crosetto, in a post on X in which he tries to respond to the accusations coming from M5S, Pd, Italia Viva, + Europa.

I would just like to point out that Army General Roberto Vannacci was neither promoted nor demoted. The General Staff of the Italian Army has decided to entrust him with one of the roles he was entitled to by rank, experience and right, pending the completion of the required investigations”, says Crosetto, in a note to the press yesterday afternoon.

The minister, also on Late in the evening, Crosetto expresses himself again. “I explain misunderstanding: The chief of staff of the Army (or Navy or Air Force) and the chief of staff of a command or entity (any) are different things”, writes the Minister of Defense. “The first is the head of an organization complex and decides, the second the assistant to a commander“, he adds, trying to explain in more detail the concepts already exposed in the note: the Land Forces Command has its own commander, General Camporeale and a deputy commander, General Ristuccia, Commander of the Operational Forces. “General Vannacci will depend and will therefore be under the orders of General Ristuccia. I would therefore suggest avoiding instrumental controversies based on scant or superficial information and waiting calmly for, as always, the law to take its course”.

Vannacci, as is known, took a position in his book on homosexuality, immigration and activism. “In recent months, the summary investigation has taken place, the results of which are still being evaluated. While awaiting the latter, avoiding assigning him command roles or positions with external visibility and/or projection, it has been entrusted to Gen. Vannacci a staff position, within a well-defined chain of command and in line with his experience”, Crosetto’s words in the note.