Vannacci: “Egonu is very good and intelligent, it’s absolutely right that he plays for Italy”

“When I see a person with dark skin, I don’t immediately identify them as Italian”

“Paola Egonu is not only very good, but she is also very intelligent because she didn’t complain. It’s absolutely right that you play for Italy. When I see a person with dark skin I don’t immediately identify them as Italian. The Italian for 8 thousand years is identified with white skin. If you see a dark skinned person you don’t think of an Italian. This does not mean that he cannot be Italian. Also on Wikipedia it is specified that Egonu was born of Nigerian parents”. Thus on TV play General Roberto Vannacci who in his book ‘The world upside down’ said: ‘Even if Paola Egonu is Italian by citizenship, it is clear that her facial features do not represent Italianness’. “Ethnic groups are all the same, Egonu’s presence in the national team neither detracts nor adds anything”. Vannacci then spoke about the Cagliari player Jakub Jankto, one of the first players to come out declaring himself homosexual. “I only care that he you compete with people of the same biological sex. I have no complaints about the Jantko case because he, as a male, he goes to compete with males. I don’t know Jantko, if he is good it is right that he plays in Serie A ”.