Vannacci, protests in Verona: presentation of the book is skipped

The event, with the general’s presence, will move outside the city

The presentation of General Roberto Vannacci’s book ‘The World in Reverse’ has been canceled in Verona, after protests from those who pointed the finger at the presence of local politicians close to Putinism.

“It’s absurd, they intimidated the hotelier who was hosting us, we had to give up and we will move out of Verona”, regional councilor Stefano Valdegamberi, one of the organizers of the event scheduled for 11 January at a hotel in the city of Verona. With General Vannacci, also expected at the table were the former parliamentarian of the League, Vito Comencini, who after leaving Matteo Salvini’s party founded ‘Popolo veneto’, an identity-based, anti-euro and pro-Putin party, and the city councillor, also former Lega, Rosario Russo, defender of the traditional family.

“There was a room ready for 300 people – says Valdegamberi, who had already been at the center of controversy for the Cecchettin affair, when he accused the sister of the young woman killed by her boyfriend of Satanism -. But this morning I spoke to the hotel entrepreneur, he was in shock , he said he was closing everything… I told him not to worry, that we would find a solution.”

“Associations such as Circolo Pink, Infospazio 161, Rifondazione Comunista, Paratodos, Osservatorio Migranti Verona, Sat Pink and Potere al Popolo boast on their social channels that they managed to boycott the presentation of the book”, blurts out the regional councillor, who speaks of ” anti-democratic and illiberal actions by those who declare themselves in non-violent words”, wondering if “free thought still exists in this country”.

Having taken note of the situation, Valdegamberi fell back on another structure in the Verona area: “Vannacci was also warned, he said ‘let’s move forward, let’s not give in to the threats’, so we will be there on the 11th”. There will be no political symbols in the Hall, but only the general’s book which caused so much outcry.