Vanzina: “‘Christmas holidays’ more to the left than today’s Pd”

The director picked up the cult film in an interview with ‘Republic’ on the occasion of the 40th anniversary of its release

“There are several reasons for the success of Vacanze di Natale. But one is more precise than the others: time beat ideology. Let me explain. There was a certain type of world, and even cinema, which claimed to explain reality without looking at her.He had an ideological foundation and didn’t realize what was happening around him instead. With that film we recounted a piece of the country that we were facing and that no one looked at, a little disgusted” Thus Enrico Vanzina, in an interview with ‘Republic’ in view of the fortieth anniversary of ‘Vacanze di Natale’ which will fall in 2023.

“It was a precise chronicle of a time that was changing. Of a certain bourgeoisie that focused on having and not on being. We tried to do it with a frank, funny but also dramatic approach. Abandoning all moralism. I repeat: we we did it without knowing it. But seen today, Vacanze di Natale was a brick in the story of a sociological change that had never been intercepted until then”, he underlines.

“It is our most successful film. It is the photo of a funny, sentimental, caustic era. A cult”, adds Vanzina, who wrote the film together with his brother Carlo at the request of Aurelio de Laurentiis: “We wrote it by doing what a big left-wing party should do today”. “Wandering around Rome. On the bus, at the stadium, at the disco. Observing people. How can you tell if you’re always locked up in the same room, with the same people?”.

As for a possible remake or sequel, “they often ask me to redo Vacanze di Natale. The only one who can is Aurelio De Laurentiis. With me. 40 years have passed, if he wanted to do it again, let’s see what happens”, says Vanzina .