Variant Omicron France, Castex: “It’s a bolt of lightning”

A law is ready “to replace the current health pass (the French green pass, ed) with the vaccination pass”

The Omicron variant of Covid is a “bolt of lightning” and “will be the dominant strain in France from the beginning of 2022, where there are already several hundred cases”. This was declared by the French Prime Minister Jean Castex, in a public intervention following the new defense council dedicated to the health crisis. There are nearly 3,000 people in intensive care with the coronavirus in the country, according to the latest data.

The premier also announced the French government that a bill will be presented to parliament in early January to transform the current health pass into a vaccination certificate. “Only the vaccine will count towards obtaining the pass, no more swabs”. “There are about six million French people still not vaccinated against the Coronavirus. “This is no longer possible,” he said. “Our best weapon, our only weapon, is vaccination, now with three doses. With two doses, the vaccine is 70% effective against severe forms of Omicron, and with three doses, more than 90%.”

In view of the holidays, finally underlined the head of the Paris government, it is better not to gather too many in the restaurant or in the houses and in any case it is good to get tested before these meetings. “The fewer we are, the less we are at risk,” he said. The prefects, he then announced, will ban wild gatherings and invite communities to forgo big events such as fireworks and concerts on December 31st.