Variant Omicron Italia, Letta: “Everyone’s commitment to avoid lockdown”

“All over Europe is closing, the emergency of this new variant must be taken seriously”

“We have to rise to the challenge of this new variant” Omicron, “it takes everyone’s commitment to avoid new lockdowns. The government will field a series of proposals that will need everyone’s commitment to avoid a lockdown that exists throughout Europe ”. Thus the secretary dem Enrico Letta, arriving at the inauguration of the Cecilia D’Elia club, a stone’s throw from the Circus Maximus. “Unfortunately the situation is dramatically worsening – says Letta – we must maintain the advantage we have here and we must be very wise in applying the decisions that the government will take in the coming days to avoid finding ourselves as in the rest of Europe”.

“Throughout Europe it is closing, the emergency of this new variant must be taken seriously – he underlines – We share the attitude of maximum prudence that the government is taking, the main objective is to keep the country safe. Avoiding new lockdowns is necessary, we will do everything possible to best apply the measures that will be adopted “.

“We are in favor of everything that is needed to avoid the lockdown – he says, responding to those who ask him if the Democratic Party is in favor of new squeezes – At this moment Italy has an advantage that it must maintain, we are therefore in favor of all measures that the government will hire ”.

As for the budget law, “they are discussing it at the moment, I am confident an agreement will be found. The maneuver is too important for the restart of the country “, it must therefore be approved” quickly and with the commitment of all “underlines the secretary dem.