Vasco Rossi announces the 2024 tour: all the concert dates in the stadiums

Vasco Rossi will return to the stadiums. The rocker has announced the dates of Vasco Live: four events in Milan and the grand finale in Bari. Sales for the Blasco Fan Club will start on 4 October, presales will open on 5 October for users registered with My Live Nation and sales will open on Vivaticket, Ticketmaster and Ticketone the following day .

vasco rossi, all the tour dates

Five events that will mark Vasco Rossi’s return to the stadiums. On June 7th the artist will kick off the tour from the stage of the San Siro Stadium in Milan, where he will also perform on June 8th, 11th and 12th. Grand finale at the San Nicola Stadium on the 25th of the same month; the rocker from Zocca will therefore return to the temple of music of the Milanese capital four years later.

Here are the dates of Vasco Live:

  • 7 June: Milan, San Siro Stadium
  • 8 June: Milan, San Siro Stadium
  • 11 June: Milan, San Siro Stadium
  • 12 June: Milan, San Siro Stadium
  • 25 June: Bari, San Nicola Stadium

Meanwhile the rocker (PHOTO) has landed on Netflix (also visible on Sky Glass, Sky Q and via the Now Smart Stick app) with the docuseries Vasco Rossi – The Survivor. The production was accompanied by the release of the new single The mistakes you makewritten specifically as an acronym.

Vasco Rossi said: “Everything changes, everything transforms, we too are ‘a process’ always in progress, like everything in the universe. It’s a song about the human condition, in the continuous search for a ‘permanent center of gravity’ that cannot exist and for a meaning that is not always there. In the song the main phrase comes towards the end: ‘Take my hand and tell me that nothing is impossible’. All artists do this… they take your hand and take you into another world making you believe that nothing is impossible. The praise of art that gives the illusion of believing. Even with just a song the mind can chase away all thoughts and take you to where everything is possible.”

Vasco Rossi also explained the choice of the term ‘survivor’: “Survived because I have lived intensely my whole life.. always at the top of my game… staying awake for long nights searching for the right words and music that would reach people’s hearts. Survived because I’ve done nothing my entire life but be in and out of every hell and every heaven always in time to get on stage! I survived because I lived much more than a normal life… and I saw things that few humans have been lucky enough to see.”

Finally, the artist wrote: “I survived because I lived twice as many experiences as my father and perhaps even three times as many as my grandfather. Survived… Why I managed to have superpowers thanks to heaven and the guitar”.