Vasco Rossi, ‘Il Survivsuto’ soundtrack released on 3/11

Taken from the Netflix docuseries, it contains the unreleased ‘The mistakes you make’ and some of the most significant songs of his last 40 years

The soundtrack to ‘Il Survivsuto’, taken from the Netflix docuseries which is having great success with the public and critics, will be released next Friday on all digital platforms and in physical format. This is the first album to be released via Emi Records Italy since the reopening of the iconic record label in Italy. ‘Il Supervissuto Ost’ is composed of 2 cd/4lp containing 32 songs, while the digital edition contains 50, a selection of those mentioned in the 5 episodes and among the most significant of his last 40 years. Also included is the unreleased ‘Gli ordini che fai’, a song written specifically for the theme song of the series, currently in the top 10 of the most played songs on Italian radio and whose video went to the first position of the most viewed clips on YouTube.

For the first time Vasco talks about himself in the first person in the Netflix series, which he defined as “A 5 hour long selfie”, i.e. his version of the facts: the only true, honest and sincere one. Between public and private, between his artistic career and his life path, much space is given to music, to his immortal songs, which follow his life step by step… from ‘And time creates heroes’ to ‘Alfredo’s fault’ to ‘Boredom’, ‘Every time’, ‘Reckless life’, ‘Free people’, ‘The shots above’, ‘A great film’, ‘ The angels’, ‘The world I would like’. And many others have become part of the history of Italian music. ‘Il Supervissuto Ost’ is available in physical format (32 tracks) in 2CD version, 4LP 180g black vinyl and 4LP limited colored vinyl, the latter available exclusively on the Blasco Shop. The digital version (50 songs) is available in Standard Album and HD Audio Album versions.