Vasco Rossi – Il Survivsuto, the docu-series from 27 September on Netflix

Vasco Rossi – The Survivor will be available from September 27, 2023 on Netflix in all countries where the service is active. Vasco Rossi – The Survivor was filmed, largely, during the two years of the pandemic, a moment of unexpected break from the usual, countless commitments of the rock star, a unique opportunity to find the time to look back and retrace the most important moments of his career and his life.

Vasco’s words

Vasco explains that “I really liked the idea proposed to me by Netflix, let’s also say that it tickled my vanity but it was also an opportunity to tell the true story of Vasco Rossi: since there are a lot of legends and stories going around, I wanted for a time to tell my version.” The rocker does not rule out a book in the future, but in the meantime we start with the docu-series: “In the meantime there is this dive into my past and my present which also allowed me to go through the Covid period. While I was telling myself I relived all the sensations intensely, good and bad, important and less important moments came back to me, I fondly saw that boy full of dreams who wanted to live a life in his own way”.


The series follows Vasco in the most important places for him, from Zocca, his hometown, to Los Angeles and, through interviews, archive materials and testimonies of those who accompanied him in recent years, retraces his and the many stories that are behind his unforgettable songs.

Written by Igor Artibani And William Ariewith Pepsi RomanoffAlso director of the docuseries, Vasco Rossi – The Survivor And produced by Solaris Media Of William Arie And Azzurra Ariè in collaboration with the production company Except Of Maurizio Vassallo And Pepsi Romanoff.