Vasco Rossi sings Romagna Mia after the flood: “Let’s bring joy to this wounded land”

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Vasco Rossi has sung my Romagnathe anthem of Romagna which later became a song of national resistance the flood that hit Emilia-Romagna in May, front to 16,000 members of the Blasco Fan Club who have witnessed at the general rehearsal of his concert at the Romeo Neri stadium in Riminiexpected the June 2nd in front of 24,000 people. The homage to the land ravaged by water also involved the historic bassist from Romagna Claudio “Gallo” Golinelli and sparked an ovation in the audience. “We are here to bring a little joy, solidarity, energy for wounded Emilia-Romagnaan extraordinary land of proud and proud people who never give up” Blasco said at the beginning of the Soundcheck, on the big screen a photo of a beach with the encouraging message “tin bota”, i.e. “hold on”.


To help Emilia-Romagna, Vasco did a donation which aroused the gratitude of the President of the region Stefano Bonaccini, to whom the rocker then made a promise: “I have faith in my fellow countrymen, we are people who never give up. We musicians can try to bring a little joy and that’s what we will do in Rimini”. Lastly, on the microphones of the news, Blasco added that “politics must do the rest, the government puts the money into it”. Bishop of Rimini Nicolo Anselmi, on the other hand, invited the rocker to encourage young people: “If you can, suggest them not to be afraid of a reckless life and to go as far as possible in love towards others, the excluded, the fragile, towards everyone. Anyone who wants to find meaning in this life can find it in making others happy.” Vasco replied that Emilia-Romagna, “this fantastic and smiling land, now wounded”, will soon “get up again” because “mine are good people, with values, they have dreams”, and “trouble stop dreaming”.


Next Tuesday, at Dall’Ara Stadium Of BolognaVasco will inaugurate the already sold-out tour which for 2 and a half hours of concert will propose 28 pieces, included among others the great classics Reckless life, Clear dawn, Some say no And sally, and which promises to be “the most powerful and exciting rock show in the world”.