Vasco Rossi, the soundtrack of the docuseries “Il Survivsuto” is released today

The soundtrack is released today, Tuesday 31 October The Survivor, the Netflix docuseries on Vasco Rossi. Contains the unreleased The mistakes you make and some of the most significant songs of his last 40 years. It is available from today on all digital platforms and in physical format.

It is taken from the docuseries available on Netflix (also visible on Sky Glass, Sky Q and via the Now Smart Stick app) which is enjoying enormous success with the public and critics.
This is the first album released with Emi Records Italy since the iconic record label was reopened in Italy.
The Survivor Ost in its physical version it is composed of 2 cd/4lp containing 32 songs, while the digital edition contains 50. This is a selection of the songs that are mentioned in the 5 episodes and among the most significant of his last 40 years.

There is also the unreleased The mistakes you makecomposed specifically for the docuseries and featured in the theme song, of which you can watch the video clip at the bottom of this article.

There is also the unreleased The mistakes you make

In the soundtrack of The Survivor the unpublished work is also included The mistakes you makea song written specifically for the theme song of the television series, currently in the top 10 of the most played songs on Italian radio and whose video clip has positioned itself at number one of the most viewed clips on YouTube (you can watch the video at the bottom of this article).
In the Netflix series for the first time the rocker from Zocca tells his story in the first person. He defined the show as “a 5-hour long selfie”, thus referring to the fact that the docuseries is very personal, in the first person and tells his version of the facts: the only true, honest and sincere one.

A docuseries that ranges between public Vasco and private Vasco

Between public and private, between his artistic career and his life path, the docuseries dedicates a lot of space to music, to his immortal songs that follow his incredible life step by step. An existence that is certainly not of those who survive but rather of those who “survive”, as Vasco did throughout his life worthy of a film. Or a docuseries, precisely…

Among the songs contained in the soundtrack, there are the legendary ones And time creates heroes, Alfredo’s fault, Boredom, Every time, Reckless life, Free, The shots above, A great film, The angels, The world I would like and many other masterpieces that have indelibly marked the history of music, customs and society of our country. A country, Italy, in which Vasco is venerated as a true totem, a sacred monster capable of attracting stadium crowds.

The Survivor Ost it is available in physical format (32 tracks) in 2CD version, 4LP 180g black vinyl and 4LP limited colored vinyl, the latter available exclusively on the Blasco Shop. The digital version (50 songs) is available in Standard Album and HD Audio Album versions.

Vasco: “I liked the idea and it tickled my vanity”

“I liked the idea and it tickled my vanity but I was also very curious to push the rewind button to tell the true story of Vasco Rossi, beyond all the legends that are told around”, stated the protagonist and subject of the show , Vasco Rossi himself, during the presentation of the work.

Vasco Rossi – The survivor it is written by Igor Artibani and Guglielmo Ariè, together with Pepsy Romanoff who is also the director of the docuseries. The show was largely filmed during the two years of the pandemic, in an unusual moment of break from the typical countless commitments of one of the biggest stars of Italian music.

The objective of this work is to tell the most important moments of Vasco’s career and his life. “For once I wanted to tell my version,” declared Vasco Rossi. “I chose the screen instead of a book (which maybe will come later, who knows?) and for once I put myself out there. I speak in first person. It was an experience that I needed and wanted to have.”

What emerges is Vasco’s deep, visceral relationship with his songs, songs that have made the history of Italian music but also of customs, fully entering the imagination of all of us and becoming icons of popular culture. His songs are steeped in songwriting, rock, sounds and experiences typical of Los Angeles, without ever forgetting his roots, those of the mountains around Modena, those anchored to his Zocca. A clearly reciprocated love, given that Zocca wears her illustrious citizen as her flagship.

Vasco Rossi – The survivor tells an exciting adventure that goes from the first stages to the stadiums, passing through the experience as a deejay at Punto Radio and many other stages of this “Via Crucis of rock”.

Below we show you the video clip of the unreleased song The mistakes you make.