Vasco Rossi Tour 2024, date zero: all the details on where it will be, date and tickets

The countdown for Vasco Rossi’s new tour has officially begun.
The concert that will open the 2024 tour of the so-called “Komandante” will be held on June 2nd at the Comunale stadium in Bibione, a hamlet of San Michele al Tagliamento, in the province of Venice.

The date was communicated by the artist’s fan club, which informed members via email about how to pre-sale tickets.

“The pre-emption reserved for members of Il Blasco Fan Club will begin in absolute preview at 12pm on Tuesday 30 January and will end at 11am on Thursday 1 February 2024”, we read both in the fan club email and on the singer’s official website.

Therefore the real countdown is certainly what separates fans from the online sale of tickets which will begin tomorrow, at least as far as members of Il Blasco Fan Club are concerned.
Tickets in the Prato Gold category will all be assigned exclusively at the fan club presale.

The choice for date zero fell on Bibione

Already last year, the city of Bibione was the most popular among those in pole position for the rehearsals and the zero date of Vasco’s tour, who however then chose Rimini, returning to perform there after 27 years.
“This year Bibione has allocated 450 thousand euros to host the ‘premiere’ of the Komandante and has also prevailed over Rimini, which just a few days ago had confirmed its willingness to host Vasco”, we read in the newspaper in these hours Il Resto del Carlino.

“We have already reiterated it: Rimini is ready to welcome Vasco again with open arms, but everything will depend on the choices he and his staff make”, the city of Rimini had announced, as reported Il Resto del Carlino.

All the dates of Vasco’s tour, from the 7 lives in Milan to Bari

The concert that will open the tour is scheduled for 2 June 2024, the date on which Vasco Rossi will perform at the Comunale stadium in Bibione.
After the zero date, it will be Milan’s turn, with seven dates that have already all sold out.

All the Milanese live shows will be held at the San Siro Stadium on the dates of 7, 8, 11, 12, 15, 19 and 20 June.
After the stop in the Lombard capital, the artist will move to Puglia, where his audience in Bari will await him with four dates which will be held on 25, 26, 29 and 30 June at the San Nicola stadium.

With the next concerts, there will be 36 times that Vasco has played at San Siro

With the seven dates scheduled at the Milanese stadium, the number of times Vasco has performed at San Siro will rise to 36, for a total of over 2 million spectators brought to the Milanese stadium.

Precisely regarding the stages of the tour in the Lombard capital, in the last few days there has been a tug of war between the rocker from Zocca and the residents of the San Siro area. Vasco Rossi shared two Stories on his Instagram profile against the citizens ready to file an appeal with the TAR against the Municipality because, according to them, the 29 scheduled summer concerts would be too many.

“We like rock, but not chaos,” residents said.

The rumble began on social networks

As soon as Vasco Rossi’s fan club sent the email announcing the zero date, the buzz on social media immediately began.

The reactions that are being recorded online in these hours range from the joy at the news of being able to enjoy the musician in Bibione, a hamlet of the municipality of San Michele al Tagliamento, to the disappointment on the part of those who were expecting a date in a city in the center of Italy.

And now the ticket hunt begins, first of all with the presales reserved for Il Blasco Fan Club members which will begin in absolute preview at 12pm on Tuesday 30 January and will end at 11am on Thursday 1 February 2024.