Vasco Rossi turns 70 tomorrow

“It is not the passage of time that matters, but how you use it”

Tomorrow is Vasco Rossi’s birthday, he turns 70. “I owe everything to music that makes no distinctions whatsoever, it is not the passage of time that matters, but how you use it“he said some time ago, speaking of his next 70 years.” Intriguing is the journey that music allows you between very strong emotions, splendid illusions and tremendous disappointments. It is 70 times that the earth spins me around the sun and … my head is not spinning yet“. As he had spoken on the occasion of the 40th anniversary of ‘Vado al massimo’, with which in 1982 he had landed as an ‘alien’ at the Festival, overwhelming him and dividing the public between for and against. The ranking did not reward him, the festival did not he was ready for his proposal to break but outside the Ariston the doors of an extraordinary live rock adventure were about to open wide for him, which has ground records of live presence with concert-gatherings that have entered history and after decades is the subject of real cult by several generations.

The following year, in 1983, Vasco returned to the festival but only because he was sure he had the right song, a bomb he had just finished writing and which was called ‘Vita reckless’, which will enter the history of music.

Vasco’s extraordinary rise to become a rock icon is told in ‘Vasco Rossi – This story here’, which will be broadcast in prime time by channel Nove just tomorrow, on the occasion of the Komandante’s birthday, at 21.25. It is a documentary film directed by Alessandro Paris and Sibylle Righetti, produced by Nicola Giuliano and Francesca Cima for IndigoFilm, in collaboration with Laura Mars, which tells the exceptional musical and artistic path of Vasco Rossi, through his voice and a rich and unpublished repertoire material. Millions of records sold, a success that never fades and that, after two years of postponements due to the pandemic, is ready to repeat itself in the summer with the Vasco Live ‘022 Tour, which will start on May 20th.

While waiting to unleash live, fans will find in ‘Vasco Rossi – This story here’, super 8 videos, family photographs, amateur VHS, old radio recordings, which help to draw an authentic picture of the Emilian rocker. Vasco accompanies the public along the stages of the journey that from Zocca, in the province of Modena, led him to success and in outlining, without ever taking himself too seriously, his personal history, his words also return an era and a generation. Beside him, friends, the affections of a lifetime and the musicians who have always followed him lead the viewer to the discovery of that special place made of memories, nostalgia, rebellion, freedom and talent where his songs are born.