Vatican, Becciu: “Humiliated by pm questions, he harmed my dignity and honesty”

The cardinal accused: “Instrumentalized facts that offend the whole Church”

Cardinal Angelo Becciu, in the fourth interrogation before the Vatican Tribunal for the financial scandal linked to the sale of the London property, said he having felt humiliated “in certain parts of the interrogation” of the Promoter of Justice.

In particular, Becciu noted in a spontaneous statement: “I am sorry to say this but questions have been raised by the Promoter’s Office that have harmed my priestly dignity and my personal honesty. I was blatantly accused of pretending to not understanding or not remembering, they even doubted my righteousness in handling offers received from the faithful, they tried to steal my good faith by presenting unsigned documents or of doubtful attribution with premises harmful to my memory effort, thus going beyond the facts on which I am called to defend myself “.

“I – said Becciu – am certainly not an expert in law but I cannot allow facts and arguments to be exposed, exploiting them, which I consider absolutely unrelated to the accusations and which offend my dignity of cardinal, and through it the whole Church”.

In a spontaneous statement before the Vatican Tribunal, during the fourth interrogation, the cardinal said that he will limit himself “to respond exclusively to the accusation relating to Spes to the related questions the two payments made in 2015 and 2018“.” Obviously, I remain at the disposal of the Court and of the parties – he added – exclusively for the charges on which I was called to respond in the trial “.

He also reiterated that if he had understood “that something was wrong with investments I would have said so. If I had understood that the results were not what I expected, I would have tried to fix it. Indeed, if I had not acted I would have assumed my responsibilities. “Tomorrow there will be a new hearing before the Vatican Tribunal. Fabrizio Tirabassi, the former treasurer of the Holy See, will be heard.

PERLASCA – The key witness in the trial in the Vatican for the financial scandal, linked to the sale of the London building in Sloane Avenue, Monsignor Alberto Perlasca, at a late hearing, presented himself in the Courtroom where the interrogation of Cardinal Angelo Becciu is underway. Prosecutor Alessandro Diddi immediately points out that Perlasca, who will be a civil party in the trial against Becciu, cannot remain in the Chamber as a “witness”. President Giuseppe Pignatone’s decision was immediate: “he must leave immediately”. Perlasca, visibly thin and with a bewildered air, collects the decision by protesting vigorously with gestures.

LEGAL BECCIU – “The Cardinal has amply clarified, already from the last hearings, the only objections formulated by the Prosecution regarding the Spes cooperative – the two contributions of 2015 and 2018 -, explaining now well-known facts: support for a bakery and a multifunctional center with a social vocation “. Thus the lawyers Fabio Viglione and Maria Concetta Marzo, defenders of Cardinal Angelo Becciu, at the end of the hearing of the trial underway in the Vatican. “The Cardinal then explained every event relevant to the trial, avoiding answering questions formulated by the Promotor of Justice on facts unrelated to the disputes. Finally, the Cardinal further reiterated the relations with Mrs. Marogna, definitively clarifying the nature institutional office of the assignment conferred on her, providing all the necessary coordinates to verify the absolute correctness of her work. The Cardinal also highlighted the absolute correctness of his conduct on the alleged attempt at subornation, clarifying the absolute groundlessness of the accusation “.