Vatican, Cardinal Becciu under investigation for criminal association

This was announced by the Vatican Promoter of Justice, explaining that “it is a parallel trend to the current process”

The Cardinal Angelo Becciuindicted for the financial scandal linked to the sale of the London building on Sloane Avenue, he is also under investigation for criminal association. The Promoter of Justice of the Vatican Alessandro Diddi made it known during the 37th hearing before the Tribunal in the context of the trial on the financial scandal, which recorded new twists and turns. “There is a hypothesis of criminal association that starts from the Vatican – Diddi explained in the Chamber -. It is a parallel trend to the current process”. As for who is involved in this new vein, Diddi said “definitely Cardinal Becciu”, without specifying the other defendants.

All of this can be linked to a series of conversations via chat seized by the Gdf of Oristano, defined as “particularly relevant” by Diddi, in which Becciu, Maria Luisa Zambrano, a friend of the family, and the brother of Cardinal Antonino Becciu, head of the Spes Cooperative.

As regards the account destined for Spes, Diddi reported that from the investigation by the Gdf “there are 927 delivery notes for the transport of bread, falsified” and which, again according to Diddi, they would be served “to justify the money paid to the Spes Cooperative”. The Gdf, Diddi always reported, “went parish by parish to verify and none recognized their signatures on the transport documentation. There are traces of heavy interference by the Roman Curia on the diocese of Ozieri“, added Diddi to whom it appears that Mons. Sergio Pintor, then bishop of Ozieri, “was not aware of the so-called ‘promiscuous account’ through which the money of the Holy See also transited”.