Vatican, exchange of letters between Becciu and the Pope after the hand kiss in Chaouqui in August 2022

The cardinal: “The lady has succeeded in revenge”

Exchange of letters between Cardinal Angelo Becciu, accused in the process for the financial scandal linked to the sale of the London Palace and the Pope. The circumstance, recorded in the minutes, emerged during today’s hearing before the Vatican Tribunal during the which the testimonies of Genoveffa Ciferri, friend of Monsignor Perlasca considered the key witness of the trial and Francesca Immacolata Chaouqui, former member of Cosea, convicted in the trial for Vatileaks 2 were heard. At the end of the two testimonies, Cardinal Becciu made a statement spontaneous and recounted having written to the Pope following the kiss he granted to Chaouqui last August at the end of a general audience.

“Holy Father, – wrote Becciu, who was in Sardinia, in an e-mail to the Pope on 19 August -. I am sorry, but I cannot fail to express my profound consternation at the publication of the photos depicting Mrs. admitted to kiss the hand in yesterday’s hearing. Here are the reasons for my disappointment: when in 2017 he presented you, encouraging you, the request for pardon of that lady to forgive her the few months that remained until the extinction of the sentence, you replied, in a severe tone that I had never seen from you, in these terms: “My answer is negative and you must never mention this name to me again. Furthermore, the ban on letting you enter the Vatican remains valid forever”. In these terms, – he wrote Becciu – as Substitute, I replied in your name to the lady. She reacted heavily by accusing me of having opposed the pardon and threatening me with cruel revenge against me. I have been paying the revenge for two years and it is under the eyes of the whole world. With yesterday’s hand kiss I was publicly denied and the lady will acquire greater strength to continue to demolish me with all the satanic means she is capable of.The most serious fact is the following and it fits into the context of the penal process in progress against me. With yesterday’s gesture you, Holy Father, broke your much acclaimed commitment to neutrality in the process. You will know that the said lady appears from the judicial documents as one of my accusers, now upon receiving her she has shown solidarity with her and indirect support for her accusatory theses against me. In terms of her procedure, her act will not be seen as emanating from the Pope but from the first magistrate of the legal system of the Vatican State, and therefore as an interference in the process. In any case, I felt compelled to inform you and in the meantime I pay you my respects”.

Shortly after, on the same day, the Pope’s response made known by Cardinal Becciu at the trial: “Dear Brother, thank you very much for your e-mail. I’m sorry that this gesture of greeting could do harm. They asked me if the lady could come with her children to the General Audience and have a kiss on the hand…, and I thought it would do her good, for her to come. Then, I tell you that I have almost forgotten this lady’s ‘adventure’. I don’t even know she is mixed up in the judgment (I won’t go into that). I apologize and forgive you if this has offended you. It’s only my fault, also the habit of forgetting the bad things. Please forgive me if I have offended you. I pray for you, for Please do it for me. May the Lord bless you and Our Lady keep you. Fraternally, Francesco”.

PODCASTS – As part of the trial for the financial scandal linked to the sale of the London building on Sloane Avenue, the podcasts created by Monsignor Alberto Perlasca, considered the key witness, were acquired by the Vatican Tribunal for the purpose of “informing the Holy Father” on what was happening in the Vatican with the management of funds. The podcasts – as emerged today in the Chamber – were recorded by Monsignor Perlasca at the suggestion of Francesca Chaouqui, a former member of Cosea in the Vatican, heard today as a witness.

BECCIU – Cardinal Angelo Becciu, at the end of the audience, made a spontaneous declaration: “It is not easy for me – the cardinal said – after this day to speak calmly”. So referring to Chaouqui, he observed. “I almost feel jealous of her. When she says ‘The Pope and I, I see the Pope…’. As a substitute at the secretariat of state, I didn’t have the ease of going to the Pope or reporting to the Pope or to carry orders. In Cosea did you impose yourself on Monsignor Perlasca? It seems strange to me. Usually whoever came was the president of Cosea who liaised with the substitute. It doesn’t seem true to me”. So, referring to what Chaouqui said about having a part of the archive as a former Cosea member with judgment notes on individual personalities, Becciu observed: “I’m amazed that he still has material. How is this possible? The documents don’t they leave at the end of an activity. I don’t keep anything, it’s against all the rules. How can you have documents, all the more so if they are delicate?”.

Chaouqui, during his interrogation, said that Cecilia Marogna, the Sardinian manager who worked with Becciu, managed the cardinal’s telephone, in particular the Messenger accounts: “But when ever? – observed Becciu – it is false”. Becciu then said that he never replied to Chaouqui’s messages: “When I spoke about it with the Pope he told me never to reply to her messages. I only replied when he sent me his son’s face with a message of good wishes”. “She – Becciu said again speaking of Chaouqui – has something against me, indeed a lot. One of the accusations that I fully deny is that I gave the order to arrest her and had no mercy on the fact that she was pregnant. That’s all false”. Becciu recalled that “it happened in early November 2015. I was in Sardinia. The one who questioned her was the commander of the gendarmerie who then phoned me to let me know and I said to him: ‘Are you crazy?’. Then later he told me that Chaouqui she was pregnant”.

In the spontaneous declaration, Becciu then said that he instead assumed two responsibilities, linked to the fact that Chaouqui cultivate “resentment” against him: “When the Cosea Commission was composed in 2013 and the list of names was sent to the secretariat of state, I jumped when I saw Chaouqui’s name because I had received serious reports about her person”. Becciu explained that in the secretariat of state, before Bergoglio, it was the practice to give approval to the people indicated for the Commissions, but with Pope Francis these rules were being skipped: “We were presented with a fait accompli. I ran to say that this lady was not worthy to work in the Vatican”. Becciu, in his statement, indicated a second reason for Chaouqui’s possible resentment against him: “On Vatileaks I attended the Commission to decide whether to proceed with the dismissal by administrative means or to report, the Commission ruled for the complaint to the magistrates which was authorized by the Pope”.

As for Chaouqui’s request for a pardon after her conviction following Vatileaks 2, a pardon that Chaouqui denied ever having asked for in the Chamber, Becciu said she had brought the formal request to the Pope: “I went to the Pope who told me: “Excellency, don’t mention this name to me again. I don’t intend to grant pardons. Furthermore, the ban on entry to the Vatican is still valid. It was 2017”.

“At today’s hearing, the animosity towards Cardinal Becciu that both Mrs. Ciferri and Mrs. Chaouqui harbored at the time of Monsignor Perlasca’s change of attitude in the context of the proceedings in which he was under investigation was further confirmed. two witnesses have reconstructed many facts and circumstances in diametrically opposite ways, to the point that the Tribunal will have to evaluate a request for confrontation precisely in the light of the absolute irreconcilability of the versions provided”, underline the defenders of Cardinal Angelo Becciu, Fabio Viglione and Maria Concetta Marzo. “All this confirms the impossibility of drawing from these sources useful elements for the reconstruction of the truth, the one that is close to our hearts and that we are certain the third judge will recognize. As for the insistent references to the Holy Father of Chaouqui, the simple reading by of a letter dated August 2022, written by the Pope’s hand and filed in deeds, denies the whole scenario evoked by the witness who claimed to have constant meetings with the Holy Father”, observe the lawyers.

CIFERS – “Cardinal Becciu kept Monsignor Perlasca under his heel” argued Genoveffa Ciferri, a friend of the monsignor whom she nicknamed ‘volpetto’, heard today in the Chamber as a witness to understand if he had a supporting role together with Francesca Chaouqui in drafting the memorandum of Perlasca. “Becciu – claimed Ciferri who answered the questions of the Promoter of Justice and the defense of the defendants with many digressions so as to be repeatedly called back by President Pignatone – exerted pressure on Perlasca who was not reticent but was under the yoke of the cardinal and was stressed. I was afraid that Becciu wanted to eliminate Perlasca”. Ciferri recounted a conversation she had at Becciu’s house at the end of which she said to the cardinal: “I will be your enemy with the army lined up for battle”. When asked about Perlasca’s memorial, Ciferri said: “I have never visually seen it. It was given to the Pope by Perlasca. Monsignor Perlasca told me this”.