Vatican, financial scandal: Becciu on trial also for subornation of witness

This is what emerges from the sixth hearing of the procedure which was held today

Cardinal Angelo Becciu was indicted in the trial underway in the Vatican also for subordination, an accusation that had initially been removed. This is what emerges from the sixth hearing of the proceedings that was held today, all the defendants absent, including Becciu, who until now had attended all the hearings. “The accusation does not worry us – lawyer Fabio Viglione, who defends the cardinal, told Adnkronos – we reiterate its groundlessness and we will demonstrate it in the courtroom on the merits”.

REFERRAL TO JUDGMENT – The promoter of Vatican Justice filed today, before the start of the sixth hearing of the trial for the financial scandal, the requests for indictment relating to the positions remained suspended, those of the four defendants removed from the main line, the financier Raffaele Mincione, Fabrizio Tirabassi, former official of the administrative office of the Secretariat of State, the lawyer Nicola Squilla and Msgr. Mauro Carlino, former secretary of Cardinal Angelo Becciu.

The president of the Vatican Tribunal Giuseppe Pignatone signed the citation decree for the four (the citations have already been notified) and set a new postponement on February 18, when, he said, “we will reunite the two parts of the trial”. The accusation of subornation of witness for Cardinal Angelo Becciu, which fell in the first phase, also returns, while the former director of AIF, Tommaso Di Ruzza, the charge of embezzlement is filed.

Precisely for this problem with the deposits, the hearing, which was to begin at 12, began with more than two hours of delay, a circumstance for which Pignatone also apologized to those present. All the accused were absent, including Cardinal Angelo Becciu. The promoter of Justice has also filed 7 folders of new investigations for the 4 new ones sent for trial.