Vatican, financial scandal: Cardinal Becciu interrogation postponed to May 5

The dates of the next court hearings for the financial scandal

The interrogation of Cardinal Angelo Becciu, one of the accused in the trial in the Vatican for the financial scandal linked to the sale of the London building on Sloane Avenue, is postponed to next May 5 due to an impediment by his lawyers. It will then continue on May 18 in all probability.

On April 27, the former Aif director, Tommaso Di Ruzza, will be heard. On April 28 it will be the turn of Enrico Crasso. Fabrizio Tirabassi will be questioned on 19 May. The unfinished interrogations should continue the next day.

In the twelfth hearing of the trial, the interrogation of Msgr. Mauro Carlino, former secretary of Cardinal Becciu. Carlino is accused of extortion and abuse of office.

During the interrogation, Carlino said that the financier Gianluigi Torzi, in turn accused of extortion, embezzlement, fraud, embezzlement, money laundering and self-laundering, “was peremptory. He was in a hurry to close the deal with the Vatican on the threat of sale of the ‘real estate’ in London. A brochure of the property was also shown in the classroom which also talked about the possibility of selling it.

Cardinal Becciu’s lawyer, Fabio Viglione, then asked Carlino who ordered him to leave Casa Santa Marta, to which Carlino replied that he had “obeyed” a letter from the Secretariat of State. “Becciu – he then said, answering a question – he never told me to leave Santa Marta”. Carlino also said he had not been to London on 1 May 2019 as reconstructed by the prosecution: “I went to the countryside to follow Lecce, my favorite football team. The chats prove it too.”