Vatican, prosecutor Marogna: “After words Becciu was clearly legitimized by the Pope”

“I am happy that finally everyone has been made aware of Cecilia Marogna’s undisputed professional skills, as well as of the fact that the fact that she was the one who introduced the heads of the secret services to Cardinal Angelo Becciu has been crystallized”. This was stated to the Adnkronos by Riccardo Sindoca, attorney in acts of Cecilia Marogna, commenting on the outcome of the deposition of Cardinal Angelo Becciu at the trial underway in the Vatican born from the scandal of the London palace and which sees, among others, also the accused former number two of the Secretariat of State and the consultant from Cagliari.

Sindoca says “astonished at the fact that we have passed from silence”, respected “to affixing the state secret”, to “referring to Pope Francis for various issues and circumstances. But – he adds – this is an unquestionable choice and a right on the part of the one who appears to have been dissolved in order to be able to rightly defend himself “. In any case, he underlines, from Becciu’s deposition, “it clearly emerged that Cecilia Marogna had full legitimacy on the part of Pope Francis both as regards her professionalism, lavished in the exclusive interest of the Holy See, and for the payments received, authorized by the Supreme Pontiff “.

“On the other hand, the circumstance reported by Becciu that the Vatican had allocated one million euros to cover the costs of the information and operational management relating to the release of the Colombian nun is not very credible. If and how much was paid for this release, in the case , they will know, perhaps the Italian secret services who have done their utmost in going to pick her up and take her to the Vatican and certainly not Cecilia Marogna who – according to the prosecutor on file – has never received an order from the Holy See to pay any ransom in the face of a kidnapping “. In fact, Marogna’s task, he explains, was, if anything, that of “creating an information and preventive service against such phenomena. This is well detailed by the words intercepted during lunch at the Lo Scarpone restaurant between Becciu and Perlasca, when, speaking precisely of the liberation of nun, Becciu himself points out to Perlasca that ‘we would only talk about it in a few years …’ “.

“Nor is it so credible – he adds – the reported circumstance that Cecilia Marogna should not have received any remuneration unless she was released, since, otherwise, the party I represent, who worked in those years exclusively for the Holy See, did not understand how she could have supported herself and her daughter: it is implicit and logical that a professional uses part of the money collected with his company also as a personal prerogative, as a reimbursement from an administrator for example, and to be able to live, as well as to be able to pay all the organic and social expenses and representation “, Sindoca argues, who, as regards the outcome of the process, says he is optimistic:” I am sure that everything will turn out for the better, as we go along. Now we will wait for the continuation with maximum serenity”.