Vatican, the exclusive audio of the phone call between the Pope and Becciu – Listen

Adnkronos publishes the complete audio of the conversation with Pope Francis recorded (unbeknownst to the pontiff) by Cardinal Angelo Becciu on July 24, 2021, only a few days after Bergoglio’s resignation from the hospital where he had undergone a complex operation

Here are the words of the suffering Pope. Adnkronos publishes exclusively on the website the complete audio of the conversation with Pope Francis recorded (unbeknownst to the pontiff) by Cardinal Angelo Becciu on July 24, 2021, only a few days after Bergoglio’s resignation from the hospital where he had undergone a complex operation. A phone call traced by the Guardia di Finanza of Oristano on two phones and a tablet belonging to Maria Luisa Zambrano, a family friend of Becciu, investigated in the investigation by the Sassari prosecutor’s office into Caritas of Ozieri. A delicate conversation, which, according to the investigators, was made to be recorded by a third person (Zambrano, in fact), despite the cardinal having repeatedly invoked the Secret of State during the investigation and trial phases.

As can be heard in the audio exclusively published by Adnkronos, it is a matter of five minutes and thirty-seven seconds of conversation in which the tired voice of the Pope is heard responding to the solicitations of the former Substitute of the Vatican Secretariat of State, who asks him , among other things, if he remembers having authorized him to “start operations to free the nun”. The reference is to the money paid to Cecilia Marogna (never mentioned in the phone call with Francesco), accused in the Vatican trial in competition with Becciu in relation to the 575 thousand euros paid by the secretariat of state to her company for intelligence activities including, precisely, the release of nun kidnapped in Mali by jihadists. Money that instead, according to the indictment, would have been spent by the cardinal’s former collaborator on luxury goods.

In the recording – a file generated at 14.25.555 on 24/07/2021 by a geolocated device in Piazza del Sant’Uffizio – in the opinion of the Gdf, Zambrano is also heard, which, according to the financiers, would have played “a role active in carrying out the recording operations”: it would be his voice that can be heard at the beginning of the track immediately before the conversation between the Pope and Becciu, which probably took place, according to the investigators, between two landline telephones. In the recording, a male voice is also heard in the background at one point, seeming to say “Let me hear it”. It is not clear which of the two interlocutors the fourth participant is close to.

Here is the full transcript of the recording.

Cardinal Becciu: Oh, are you ready?

Zambrano: Ready

(minute 00.05) a noise is heard which probably corresponds to the activation of the telephone apparatus of the caller.

Dad: Hello?

Cardinal Becciu: Yes, ready, Holy Father.

Dad: How are you?

Cardinal Becciu: Ehh so-so, how are you? Is he recovering?

Pope: Ehh I’ve just recovered eh.

Cardinal Becciu: Eh I imagine, the road will be long, a little bit, of the recovery eh.

Pope: Yes yes.

(minute 00:26) a male voice is heard in the background, which seems to say “Let me hear it”. It is not clear which of the two interlocutors the fourth participant is close to.

Cardinal Becciu: Yes, listen Holy Father, I’m calling you like ehh with great suffering … ehhh, that is, for me I almost shouldn’t go to trial anymore, because, I’m sorry, but the letter you sent me is a sentence.. . it’s a sentence… ehh because… I just wanted to ask you if some data… your statement. Eeh the two points are these: that is, did he give me or not the authorization to start the operations to free the nun? Eh, I think I asked him look I should go to London eeeh eeeh emmmh … contact this agency that would get busy, then I told her … ehhh that the expenses we needed were 350 thousand euros for the expenses of this agency , these who had to move, and then for the ransom we had fixed 500 thousand, we said no more because it seemed immoral to me to give more money to… aaa… which went into the pockets of the terrorists … well, I think I had it informed about all this… do you remember?

Pope: Yes I remember that ehh vaguely but I remember yes I had it yes.

Cardinal Becciu: Eh…

Pope: But to be precise….eh I wanted…. eh… ask carefully how things were… eh, I wrote that, didn’t I?

Cardinal Becciu: Yes, but he wrote me the accusations that is … it is the theory of the accusers of the magistrates, that is they accuse me that I cheated you, that it was not true that I had been authorized by you to do these works, and therefore You agree with the accusations of these … magistrates and how can I defend myself there if you already accuse me like this … eh … they wrote to me that is, the letter is really legal in which there are the same sentences, the same ideas that I I find in the judgment that brings me to trial and therefore you agree with those.. those accusations eh… You have always told me that you are above, you don’t want to interfere…

Pope: I’m above it, let’s do one thing…

Cardinal Becciu: Yes…

Pope: Why don’t you send me a letter about this because I have to consult before writing, right? He sends me a text, narrating all this and making another report, huh?

Cardinal Becciu: Yes, because I had sent them those statements, maybe they didn’t like them, I don’t know; because it would be enough for me if you canceled this letter, then, if you want to give me statements, fine … that is to say “here, I authorized Monsignor Becciu when he was Substitute to carry out these operations” that would be enough for me …

Pope: Write me all this, please do me a favor because.

Cardinal Becciu: Eh…

Pope: I don’t know all these procedures.

Cardinal Becciu: In fact, in fact they got carried away because it is seen that not everything juridical has been written by you.

Pope: No no this is true.

Cardinal Becciu: It’s true everything is right, we know each other Holy Father eh…

Dad: Yes yes.

Cardinal Becciu: The father who wrote to me was missing, everything is right there, as well as on state secrets… just say “Do we observe it? No, we do not observe it”, all right, we are free to speak.. “Do we observe it? Yes” but this is your Holy Father’s decision, I don’t oblige you if we don’t observe it the state secret…eeeeeh we are free to say whatever we have to say, here’s it…

Dad: I understand.

Cardinal Becciu: Ehh so…

Pope: Yes, send me some of these explanations and what you would like me to write.

Cardinal Becciu: All right then I’ll send them to you, eh?

Pope: And I see tomorrow I’ll see him, huh?

Cardinal Becciu: Yes yes yes and of course, however if he has it drawn up by whoever is on the opposite side… of course I… that…

Pope: No I understand I understand, no I’ll look for another advice, huh?

Cardinal Becciu: All right. I am grateful to you. I am truly grateful to you, Holy Father.

Pope: Thank you.

Cardinal Becciu: Please please please.

Pope: Thank you, pray for me huh? Thank you.

Cardinal Becciu: Yes yes mutually.

Pope: Thank you.

Cardinal Becciu: Thank you.