Vecchi (Il Tempo): “With direction Renzi triples his roles, we’ll see how he manages to do it…”

“Renzi at the helm of the Reformist? We have to see how will he manage to triple his roles… Because he has three, a lecturer, a senator and a newspaper editor. Honestly, I don’t even know how it’s possible to do it”. This is the opinion of Adnkronos di David Vecchidirector of Tempo, who thus comments on the new role of Matteo Renzi as director of the Reformist. “But it’s always at the forefront, so maybe now it’ll come up with another one, it’ll discover new boundaries,” adds Vecchi.

Who has no doubts about the topics that the new director will deal with: “The Reformist has become antijudiciary, hyperguaranteetherefore Renzi with the turn of the last two years is absolutely in line with the editorial line of the newspaper”, explains the editor of ‘Tempo’. And he adds with a pinch of irony: “I have dedicated two books to Renzi, maybe we’ll bring out the third“.