Vega Carburanti sells its plants to Amegas

Vega Carburanti sells its plants to Amegas, a company of the Energas group. The acquisition concerned the Levante business unit of Vega Carburanti. A total of nine automotive fuel distribution systems in Puglia that deliver a total of about 100 million liters of fuel per year. The buyer Amegas, a subsidiary of the Energas group was assisted in the transaction by Curtis, Mallet-Prevost, Colt Mosle LLP for the legal part. Vega Carburanti was instead assisted by the international law firm Gianni Origoni. The acquisition of these plants is part of a territorial expansion strategy of the Energas Group which with this operation strengthens its distribution network in Southern Italy and in particular in Puglia where the Levante plants are mainly concentrated.