Veneto, Zaia: ”I hope I can still run for president”

governor at the ‘La Ragione’ event in Porto Cervo – autonomy, good first approval of the decree and then definition of the Lep

Autonomy is the dream of an entire political life, of a mission now finally felt at hand. The president of the Veneto Region Luca Zaia, second guest of the event of La Ragione “Voices and Stories in Porto Cervo”, showed no doubts in the meeting moderated by the director Fulvio Giuliani with the participation of Katia Noventa: “What is always repeated against the“differentiated autonomy” it is known, they are hackneyed objections, fears that have no reason to exist. I always repeat: autonomy can be achieved by choice – as I hope – or by necessity, because the State doesn’t work, it doesn’t control spending, it can’t guarantee the same services to all citizens”.

“Autonomy is responsibility, also and above all of the money entrusted to me to manage health care and services. Expenses to be incurred and waste to be avoided. The “Lep” – Essential Levels of Services – have been identified to guarantee compliance with the constitutional principle of equal rights and equal access to services and benefits throughout the national territory. Well, once they are launched – it will not be easy, but it will be done – all the Regions, certainly not Veneto, Lombardy or others for which we speak simplistically of “secession of the rich, will know what it could cost and be spent on a certain service or a certain performance. I speak as president of a region that spends a lot on healthcare and on treating the many Italians who travel to be examined or operated on. We treat everyone and without asking for anything, but it’s a shame that this happens. That many citizens have to get on the plane or on the train, because they don’t trust health care close to home “. As for the timing of the definition of the Lep and the approval of the Calderoli Ddl on Autonomy, Zaia has no doubts: “The bill can be approved first and then the Lep can be defined, because in any case the latter are expected by the end of 2023 and will arrive with the Economic Maneuver in the autumn. Therefore – underlines Zaia – no problem in postponing them, with respect to the approval of autonomy”.

Proud of his work at the presidency of the Veneto Region (“The Venetians are everywhere in the world and in my days in Sardinia I have met many of them. I like to underline the extraordinary work carried out by the Venetians also near here, in Arborea, in the production of exported pecorino throughout Italy and abroad”), Zaia denies having plans for the future already defined: “Due to a national law that provides for the limit of two mandates (Zaia is already in his third, ed), I won’t be able to reapply in three years. I can’t tell you what I will do, I certainly won’t be a minister and I hope that something can be unlocked at the legislative level, allowing me to run again in the regional elections as a candidate for president. It is not a problem that concerns only me or only the presidents of regions led by the center-right “.

‘Olympics will make it possible to renovate the territory, unfortunately delays and troubles’

When we point out to him that in a few months he could still find himself managing the nascent autonomy, the governor lights up: “True, this is a great goal for me, the Region and the Venetians. I am thinking of defining this great political achievement and the (Milan) Cortina 2026 Olympics”. The Olympics is seen by the president of the Veneto Region as an extraordinary opportunity for his territory, tourism, related industries and the whole country, in spite of the usual Italian vices: “Unfortunately, I am forced to read and hear about delays, anxieties, alarms for respecting times and deadlines. It is incredible how the same chain of errors is repeated over and over again, yet the Olympics will make it possible to renovate an entire territory, ensuring positive effects for years and years in terms of infrastructure, image and care and attention”.

This is very important – underlines Zaia – because it is proven that when a city and a town are cared for, ordered and preserved, a positive flywheel effect is triggered which involves all citizens. That will certainly be the case with the 2026 Olympics.”

The shadow of the war unleashed by Russia in Ukraine inevitably stretches over this Italian summer: “There is no possible discussion – the president of the Veneto states – on who is the aggressor, who is being attacked and to whom all the our support and help. We are with Ukraine and we will stay with Ukraine. I want to underline the spontaneous availability of many Italians and many Venetians, especially in welcoming tens of thousands of refugees fleeing the war. That said, I can’t help but recall the deafening silence of diplomacy right now. I take the fatal risk of addiction to war, the idea of ​​a conflict 2000 km from our home, with bombs falling and massacring civilians amidst indifference. Unacceptable. Just think that we had to dust off a great old man of international diplomacy like Henry Kissinger, the man who knew how to bring China and the United States closer together. We need diplomacy”.

‘Orsini in the Regional Council? I didn’t know anything about it

As for the controversy that broke out over the lectio magistralis of Professor Alessandro Orsini – from positions notoriously close to Vladimir Putin – in the Veneto Regional Council building, President Zaia coldly distances himself: “As you well know, the Regional Council is a body with full autonomy from the presidency of the Region. I knew absolutely nothing about this initiative and this presentation”.

Other issues on which Luca Zaia has been spending years are ethical ones: “Just in the last few weeks, the Veneto Region has worked to ensure that Mrs. Gloria (not her real name, ed) is ensured accompaniment at the end of her life. I hate hearing about “assisted suicide”, these are topics of extraordinary delicacy, but for this very reason it is the task, indeed the duty, of an administrator to take charge of them. Mrs. Gloria wrote to us, she asked us to intervene, there is a sentence of the Constitutional Court dating back to the case of Dj Fabo which is very clear on the matter. What I find scandalous – underlines Luca Zaia – is the inaction of the parliament. It is unacceptable that politics does not take charge of it, that we are afraid to talk about it, to decide, to legislate. In the very distant 1982, this country managed to pass a law to allow the change of sex in the registry office, how is it possible that in the middle of the third millennium it avoids addressing ethical issues in the only designated place – Parliament – relying on the sentences of the judiciary? In Veneto we listen to all the questions and respond to all the requests of the citizens, but it is not enough. It cannot be done this way.”

The third appointment is today, Sunday 30 July, with Roberto Arditti, journalist former Director of the newspaper “Il Tempo”, editorial director of “Le ants” and Giuseppe Cossiga, president of Aiad, Federation of Italian Companies for Aerospace, Defense and Security. The meeting will be moderated by the Director Fulvio Giuliani. Partner of the event, Ferrari Trento, excellence of Made in Italy, which at the end of each evening will offer all guests the Ferrari aperitif as well as partner Christian Dominici Spa. Media partner the Adnkronos press agency. All the meetings will become podcasts and usable content on the website, the app and all the social media platforms of the newspaper. For reservations: [email protected]