Venezia 80, Matteo Garrone: “They are people, not simple numbers”

Fresh from winning the Silver Lion for best director in Venice 80 (RELIVE THE BEST MOMENTSTHE RED CARPET OF THE FINAL EVENING) with I am Captain (OUR REVIEW), Matteo Garrone stopped on the red carpet to talk to journalists about his film.

“I am an intermediary”

“I was an intermediary in this film, in reality – he told Sky TG24 -. I tried to give a voice to those who usually don’t have one and the jury probably rewarded the way in which we told this story, the fact of taking a different angle from the one we are usually used to knowing, instead of being from this side of the sea, from the West, we went there, from Africa towards Europe”.


For him the film has a special value: “Over time we get used to the fact that they are numbers, the count of the living and the dead, when they arrive in Italy, when they are rescued at sea. Instead, behind those numbers there are people, there are kids, brave captains like Seydou, with families behind them, desires, dreams.”


The Italian director then wanted to address, as he already did on stage at the awards ceremony, a thought to the victims of the terrible earthquake that hit Morocco yesterday, one of the countries where the film was shot: “It’s a tragedy that adds up to another tragedy. Many of the actors who participated in the film live there, I don’t know at this moment if they are alive or dead, and it was inevitable that at this moment our thoughts went to them.”

You can see the video of the interview with Garrone at the top of this article (THE SPECIAL ON VENEZIA 80).