Venice 2022, Guadagnino: “Bones and All risky bet”

The director after the Silver Lion: “My film at the Oscars? As a proud ‘parent’ I hope so”

“If my film will go to the Oscars? Let’s say that when you make films that are very tiring to make, that every day have to face so many problems, when they come out into the world, as proud parents for them we always wish the best”. Like this Luca Guadagninoin a meeting with journalists after the awards ceremony of the 2022 Venice Film Festival where he won the Silver Lion for directing for his’ Bones and All‘, is the director Luca Guadagnino. “A bet”, his film, difficult and “risky”: “The film is very complex on paper, because it is about cannibals, it is one of those things that people are not attracted to – explains Guadagnino – it is a hybridization of genres, it’s horror but at the same time sublimated into a love film “.

In addition, observes the director, “I shot it in the United States, which is a place I love but don’t know so deeply, and for me it was essential to be able not to be above the US but inside the US”. An award that Guadagnino did not expect, until his arrival in Venice, where he admits he changed his mind “when we came here last week and saw the reaction of the public and of Italian and international critics”.

The reason for the warm welcome lies, according to the director, in the fact that “there is something very visceral about this film that hits people’s bellies, which is inexorable. The effect that the film manages to do is that of allow you to put yourself in the shoes of characters that on paper you would never have had an interest in following – he observes – And the film makes you follow their amorous destiny, this is what cinema allows you. The film, which stars Timothée Chalamet and Taylor Russell (who received the Mastroianni Award in Venice for an emerging young actress for this film), will be released on November 23 in Italy by Vision, and is produced, among others, by the director himself with his Frenesy Film.