Venice 79, at the Lido ‘The Ark of cinema’

The Green Drop Award of Green Cross Italia, dedicated to the greenest film in competition at the Venice Film Festival, this year contains the land of Mount Ararat as a symbol of hope and rebirth

The 11th edition of the Green Drop Award will be presented today at the Sardegna Film Commission space on the Island of Oedipus, Riva di Corinto, Via Falier Vitale, at the Venice Lido. in 1993 by Mikhail Gorbaciov, assigns to the film, among those competing in the official selection of the Venice International Film Festival, which best interprets the values ​​of ecology, sustainable development and cooperation between peoples. The Green Drop Award, that is the Murano glass trophy in the shape of a drop blown by the master glassmaker Simone Cenedese, this year contains the land of Mount Ararat, as a symbol of hope and rebirth after a period of severe suffering. Ararat, the highest mountain in eastern Turkey (5,137 meters), is in fact a volcano covered by ice and is the legendary place where, according to tradition, Noah’s Ark ran aground at the end of the universal flood. For this reason this mountain is a territory full of symbolic meanings for many cultures and religions.

During the initiative, the illustration gallery ‘L’Arca del cinema’ will be presented, curated by the International Center of Comics in Cagliari. For the occasion, in fact, some important cartoonists have created exclusive illustrations that combine the myth of cinema with the biblical episode of the universal flood: Noah reaching Mount Ararat and the salvation of life on Earth is guaranteed. In the original gallery of images, the ark rescues the great protagonists of the screen, transports films, projectors and cameras, or assumes the appearance of the spaceship Enterprise, becomes Fellini’s ship, runs aground in Monument Valley, in front of a amazed John Ford, or again, Ararat becomes the destination of the Fellowship of the Ring.

The initiative, carried out in collaboration with the International Center of Comics in Cagliari, saw the participation of a group of well-known authors, coordinated by Bepi Vigna (writer of Nathan Never). There are Romeo Toffanetti, Max Bertolini, Francesco and Dante Bastianoni, from Sergio Bonelli Editore; graphic novel author Otto Gabos; the Tunisian designer Ghién Bem Mamhoud; the illustrator Stefania Costa; the designer Gabriele Salimbeni and the young cartoonists Simone Barretta and Davide Deidda. The appointment will be attended by the president of Green Cross Italia, Elio Pacilio, the director of the Green Drop Award, Marco Gisotti, the director of the Sardegna Film Commission, Nevina Satta, and the Venetian explorer Giancarlo Gusmaroli, returning from his mission on Mount Ararat as part of the #climbthemed #hugthemed project that will lead him to reach all the highest peaks of the countries bordering the Mediterranean.

During the evening the members of the Honorary Jury will be presented Simone Gialdini, president of Anec, Annamaria Granatello, president of the Solinas Prize, Alberto Sinigaglia, journalist, former founder of Tuttolibri-La Stampa, Rodolfo Coccioni, paleontologist and geologist, Honorary professor of the University of Urbino Carlo Bo and head of the National Festival of Geosciences ‘Earth Week’, and Bepi Vigna, screenwriter and writer, creator of the comic ‘Nathan Never’.

The appointments of Green Week 2022: on Tuesday 6 September, at 12, at the Authors’ Days – Sala Laguna, the finalists of the ‘Screen in green’ competition, promoted by the Ministry of Ecological Transition in collaboration with the Sardegna Film Commission Foundation, will be presented. Solinas and Green Cross Italia. On Wednesday 7 September at 2 pm, at the Venice Production Bridge at the Hotel Excelsior, the round table ‘Sustainable screens 2022’ will take place, organized by Green Cross in collaboration with the Mite, the Sardegna Film Commission Foundation and the Solinas Award. Finally, on Friday 9 September at 10 am, at the Italian Pavilion, the winning film of the Green Drop Award 2022 will be announced and the ‘special’ Drop will be delivered, in collaboration with Enea – National Agency for New Technologies, Energy and Development sustainable economy, at ‘Diccità’ by Paolo Virzì.