Venice 79, to Noah Baumbach’s ‘White Noise’ the Green Drop Award

Special prize, in collaboration with Enea, to ‘Diccità’ by Virzì, out of competition film

To the movie ‘White Noise‘by Noah Baumbach, in competition at the 79th Venice International Film Festival, went the ‘Green Drop Award’ 2022 of Green Cross Italia, now in its eleventh edition. The award, the drop of Murano glass made by the master Simone Cenedese, was collected by Netflix who produced the film, this morning at the Excelsior hotel, at the Italian Pavilion. Special award, in collaboration with Enea, the National Agency for New Technologies, Energy and Sustainable Economic Development, to ‘Drought‘by Virzì, a film out of competition.

“For having been able to deal with the theme of the environmental apocalypse in a realistic and disturbing way, with a satire capable of embracing various aspects of contemporary society, where the power of the media and consumerism generate a series of psychoses that risk altering the perception of problems ”: With these words the jury of honor chaired by Simone Gialdini, director of Anec, awarded the film by Noah Baumbach.

“Adaptation of Don DeLillo’s novel of the same name, ‘White Noise’ is an original, ambitious and compelling film, which plays with measure on multiple registers – explains Marco Gisotti, director of the Green Drop Award – Baumbach updates the criticism of the consumer society, environmental fears, catastrophism and Reaganism of the Eighties, leaving the same corrosiveness of the written page unchanged ”.

On the other hand, ‘Drought’ was awarded with this motivation: “For the dramatic and concrete representation of a future that borders on the present, describing an environmental aridity that ends up making the consciences of some of the protagonists equally arid, nevertheless allowing the seed to sprout of hope “.

“Perhaps it is appropriate to clear a taboo and start saying that we accept the extinction of the human species and therefore talk about something else. Or you need to talk about what really matters and not just percentage points. Life, the world, people and the dramatic moment that we have all gone through with global health alarms, war, hydrogeological disasters, tell us that the planet’s clock is ticking more and more disturbing that reminds us that we must hurry ” , explained Paolo Virzì receiving the award from the president of Green Cross Italia Elio Pacilio.

Pacilio also highlighted the sustainability aspects of Wildside, the company producing the film: “Drought brings to the stage an apocalyptic future in which it hasn’t rained for years in Rome and the lack of water distorts rules and habits. We wanted to give special recognition to the film also for the ways in which it was produced, careful to reduce the environmental impact and compensate for the emissions of climate-altering gases. A film that preaches well and that scratches even better ”.