Venice 80, Sarah Ferguson greets Tiziana Rocca: ‘a volcano of ideas’

The well-known Pr presents her book at the Lido interview with Alda Vanzan of the “Gazzettino”

“Tiziana Rocca is a volcano of ideas, a force of nature”. Thus in a video message Sarah Ferguson, Duchess of York, greeted “the dearest friend” during the presentation on the Lido of Venice, among the collateral events of the Film Festival, of “Imagining the impossible. A story of life, of success and of courage” (Sperling & Kupfer), autobiography of Tiziana Rocca, an important name in public relations, artistic director of festivals and film producer.

Interviewed by Alda Vanzan, journalist of the “Gazzettino”, who in a brilliant conversation was able to bring out anecdotes and small and amusing stories of the international jet set and the star-system, Tiziana Rocca told her own story and showed that “with dedication and a little madness can really turn the impossible into the possible.”

The first female artistic director of a festival in Italy, Tiziana Rocca conceived and directs the Filming Italy Festival Los Angeles and Sardinia and the Filming Italy Best Movie Award assigned during the Venice Film Festival; she has been described by Variety as a “marketing guru” and a point of reference for Italian cinema in Hollywood. A successful woman, therefore, who does not hesitate, however, to complain about “a certain male chauvinism still prevailing even in the world of Italian cinema: in order to reach certain positions, a woman must always work twice as hard as a man”.

Telling the life of Tiziana Rocca is like imagining a high-altitude journey on ever higher peaks, whose goal is an entire existence defined by a steely tenacity and full of incredible encounters and experiences and professional successes. But how does one become Tiziana Rocca? Since she was a child, Tiziana has always had a special character: sunny but disciplined, bordering on harshness. It is the strength of her personality that allows her, growing up, to make room for herself in a world that at the beginning of this story was almost entirely masculine.

At the age of twenty-four Rocca founded his event organization agency. Not a point of arrival, but a springboard to continue aiming high, following one’s own path, without listening to those who told her that her ideas were unfeasible, launching and accepting challenges, convincing companies to believe in proposals then considered “visionary” ” and earning the nickname “Queen of events”. In a competitive context, Tiziana Rocca has never been discouraged or intimidated, on the contrary, she has built a name, respect and notoriety. Having become one of the most influential female managers today, she “didn’t even think for a moment of having to choose between a career and the desire to start a family”.