Venice, Barbera: “Reservations haywire? Don’t connect everyone at 7!”

The director of the exhibition at Adnkronos: “If everyone logs in at the same time it is clear that the system will crash”

“The misunderstandings are unfortunately partly inevitable, no system is able to manage the complexity of a festival ticket office with all the critical issues that it entails. And then there is the fact that everyone connects together at the same time: we have 12 thousand accredited , if everyone trying to book at the same time it is clear that the system crashes “. Alberto Barbera is not there, and thus intervenes – responding to Adnkronos – on the problems of the new booking system for film screenings, which for hours at the Venice Film Festival has been creating inconvenience and protests among accredited persons who are unable to access it and secure a seat.

“There is no provider in the world able to manage this situation, we have tried everywhere, even abroad – explains the director of the Exhibition – It is clear that the system can be improved, and we are working on it. But since there are places and there is still a huge availability, it would be enough for people to stop trying to connect at the same time at 7 am and spread out throughout the day. At this moment, for example, you can log in safely without even being queued. a ‘bottleneck’ problem that no system in the world can solve “.

Barbera clarifies: “It takes a little patience, it will certainly be improved and, like every year, we will go to full capacity, as happened also in Cannes”. And on the possibility feared by some of returning to the previous system, it is clear: “Going back to paper? It’s very complicated. First you can’t go back, two people used to queue for an hour, an hour and a half without having the guarantee to have a seat in the dining room, but now he knows if the seat has it or not “. The artistic director reassures: “Even last year the chaos lasted the first few days then everything was sorted out. And indeed a little less serious than last year, because the first day there were five hours of blockage, this in the morning an hour and a half. We hope to reset this time tomorrow “, he concludes with a smile.